July 25, 2003

|Disney Mania| By: A lot of people you have probably heard of.

|Type: CD| Title: Disney Mania| Artist: Various Artists (Anastacia, A*Teens, Usher, *Nsync, Ashanti, Smash Mouth, Jessica Simpson, Aaron Carter, S Club, Baha Men, Hilary Duff, Jump 5, No Secrets, Christina Aguilera, Ronan Keating)

Disney Mania is a great CD. What it is, is some of the most memorable Disney songs remade, and remixed by artists we hear on the radio every day. The CD is done so well and I was really happy with it. I would have to say the best tracks are: Under the Sea (A*Teens), I Wa'na Be Like You (Smash Mouth), and Beauty and the Beast (Jump 5). I highly recomend it to everyone who likes Disney the least bit or just wants some good clean music.

-Sugar, Spice and recycled Mice.

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