July 7, 2003

100 Reasons to be Quiet

100 Reasons to be Quiet
It was one of those boring day when you don't have anything to do. Me and my friends were wandering around the commons what we found a notebook. Natraly I pcked it up and read the last page. On it said:
Reasons to be quiet:
1) It's good manners
2) In a big class everyone needs to be quiet
3) it's a rule
4) you can get all the assignments.

This seemed to not be enough for me and my friends. we made up more on our own time. I have decided that they will be published for the first time anywhere here. So here you are:

100 Reasons to be Quiet by: Hillary, Hannah, Chelsea, and a bit by Ashley

2) to big of class everyone needs to be quiet
3) rule
4) get all the assignments
5) get ahead
6) teacher won’t beat you
7) learn
8) get a job
9) people fear quiet people
10)not be a failure
11) others can learn
12) you won’t embarrass yourself
13) save energy
14) fall asleep easy
15) save jokes for listening people
16) save voice to scream at sister ( same for brother)
17)so you can be a good child
18) think of practical jokes
19) won’t break windows
20) No detention
21)No ESD
22) don’t embarrass yourself in front of crush or boyfriend/girlfriend
23) more time to think ways to bug * ( fill in star with an annoying person)
24) I’ll be lucky
25) polite
26) I won’t scare crows
27) smart
28) wise
29) find more ways to be quiet
30) do better on tests
31) understand life
32) don’t get grounded
33) won’t make fun of people
34) people won’t make fun of me
35) the school bully won’t beat you
36) will stay sane
37) you can rule the world
38) become a genus
39) I won’t get a sore mouth
40) make the grade
41) people won’t think I’m a maniac
42) people will vote for me for ASB
43)so I will have a career
44) I won’t start crying
45) just because
46) so I can get all A’s
47) people will think your smart
48) be a leader
49) class won’t stay in late
50) have a boyfriend
51) become president
52) concentrate on school
53) people will give you stuff
54) people will think you are an angel
55) so you can be a teacher’s pet ( not like this is a good thing)
56)you will be able to finish a book
57) won’t get in trouble for talking in church
58) care about school
59) make more friends
60) be popular
61) people will think your sane
62) save oxygen
63) so a bug doesn’t fly in my mouth
64) I won’t get kicked out of a movie theater
65) spy better
66) won’t annoy my desk partner
67) give others a chance to talk
68) hear a good joke
69) won’t blab secrets
70) won’t blab about practical jokes
71) make a good secretary
72) won’t get in car accidents caused by talking on cell
73) won’t get kicked out of a library
74) more time to be evil
75) produce less CO2
76) I won’t blab about personal stuff
77) I will feel more comfortable in health
78) Mrs. Logan will call on me to read
79) won’t get tickets taken away
80) people won’t know I have bad breath
81) I can’t interrupt people
82) people won’t know I have yellow teeth
83) “ Silence Is Golden”
84) I won’t owe ticket time
85) teachers will look forward to having me in their class
86) teachers won’t know your chewing gum
87) good card player
89) good heads up seven up player
90) Neighbors won’t complain of noise
91) won’t have to stay in during lunch
92) won’t have a career of talking in front of people when adult
93) so you won’t talk in your sleep
94) you won’t make a scene in public
95) role model
96) people won’t know you have braces
97) eat more
98) won’t spit on people
99) won’t spray food
100) be in tune with inner self

- Paige, Friday, June 20, 2003

-Well school is out. Today in science we got our grades. I got a 103.8% !!! I was so happy. The boy next to me got a 60%. He was mad. He got kind of mad at me for getting a good grade too. But he deserves it. He always copys my papers!

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thanks for some great plus funny tips on why not to talk.