December 3, 2004


I am so exiceted for my birthday and Christmas. We are decorating our house and getting everything all ready. Tomarrow morning we are getting our tree. We always get it at a U-cut in town here.
Tah Tah,
'da Pagiemister

September 9, 2004

Fun Webbies

Here are some very fun websites:
LOL, you should try those all. They are great.

September 8, 2004

High School

Well today I had my first day of highschool. It kinda sucked actually. No wonder everyone makes fun of them for being hicks! No dress code, no respect, no knowledge that not everyone likes PDA! Oh my gosh! It gets on my nerves so baddly! I felt like I wanted to puch someone. Oh well maybe I will get used to the kids with beards and the R rated dialogue. It's sad...too sad.

In my algebra class I was sitting in a desk with a boy in front and one on each side. They were all friends and they were talking the ENTIRE time! Most of it was Napoleon Dynamite quotes but it getts pretty annoying when your working on a stupid word puzzle. I mean what is this 5th grade?

PE wasn't too bad. I am not all that excited for Friday when I have to start dressing down and start playing flag football *dun dun dun* but I guess I will just have to run with it, literaly!

I guess out of all the teachers, the French one is my favorite. Everyone said she was crazy but she isn't nearly as crazy as some!

At least I have lunch with most of my friends. Though it is minus Amanda, Chelsea and Krista so it's not really the same. We sat near some cheer leaders.

I can't believe that this is how I am going to spend the next four years of my life, as well as so many American's hard earned tax money. I don't think the pioneers, who went to school in a one room log cabin, got pattled when they were wrong, and who were tought to resept their elders and not wear hats inside would be proud of us today. Why can't we go back to that system? Hey it worked didn't it?
Well enough of my ranting for one day. I am exhausted!

August 14, 2004

Some good clean fun!

It is so darn hard to figure out which movies are good and which are bad just from the previews. There is always too much violence, or too much swearing, or sex, or drugs, I mean it's not like this stuff is actual entertaining. And also what's with all these gross kids movies? I wouldn't let my kids watch cartoon characters farting and burping...That's just gross! It seems like there aren't any funny, and clean movies! Well this mostly true except for that the funniest movie of all time is also the cleanest. It's Napoleon Dynamite! I saw this movie on Monday, and I thought it was the freakin' best! I was laughing through the whole thing, and never once was I made uncomfortable by a love scene or swearing.
I tottaly recomend that everyone in the world who can spare the $30 it takes to get into the movies see it. I am way excited for it to come out on DVD and I am going to buy it the day it comes out! If you don't know what the movie is about there are plenty of places where you can get awsome reviews: (they have lot's if you just scroll down.)
If you want to see the treiler...because you haven't seen it yet...go here:
Here are also some other cool NP things that I think you schould check out:
For those who have seen the movie, you know what I am talking about! I can't wait 'till I make my "Vote For Pedro" shirt with an iron-on!
On another note here is also another one of my favorite things...HOMESTAR RUNNER. It is so hilarious! From the games, to the Strong Bad E-mails, it's all good. Some people just think it's weird but it is suprising how many people like it. When my friends and I started putting Homestar stuff on our binders and wearing H*R shirts, we found out that about half the people in school like it too...only in secret. If you have never seen Homestar Runner before I suggest you head over there and check it out at:
I garenty you will be laughing your pants, your sock, and all your other articles of clothing off before your done watching it all. And be sure to check it out often because it get's updated every week! I know I can't wait for the next e-mail! If you want to know what the best e-mails are then I am your woman! Here is a list:
1) Dragon
2) Japanise Cartoon
3) Caper
4) Personal Favorites
5) For Kids
6) Pom Pom
7) Kind of Cool
8) Caffine
9) Kids Book
10) Sun Tan
11) Depressio
This site is wonderful, and very clean. In fact...they only swear once, in an issue of "Teen Girl Squad". If you end up becoming an adict like me than buy a shirt and be proud of your weirdness, and it may turn out your not as weird as you think!
Now for my final super fun, clean thing, a game for X-box and PS2 called Dance Dance Revolution. Us avid players call it DDR. It is super fun, and gives you lots of excercise as you try to master the songs and move up from light, to standered, to heavy! I have heard of people loosing, like, 100 pounds on this game! Thats when you know it's got to be good. My friends and I will have parties centered around the DDR. It's awsome! To check it out go to:
Well l8er for now frequks!
-The H Paige
Ps: I LOVE Jon Heder