September 9, 2004

Fun Webbies

Here are some very fun websites:
LOL, you should try those all. They are great.

September 8, 2004

High School

Well today I had my first day of highschool. It kinda sucked actually. No wonder everyone makes fun of them for being hicks! No dress code, no respect, no knowledge that not everyone likes PDA! Oh my gosh! It gets on my nerves so baddly! I felt like I wanted to puch someone. Oh well maybe I will get used to the kids with beards and the R rated dialogue. It's sad...too sad.

In my algebra class I was sitting in a desk with a boy in front and one on each side. They were all friends and they were talking the ENTIRE time! Most of it was Napoleon Dynamite quotes but it getts pretty annoying when your working on a stupid word puzzle. I mean what is this 5th grade?

PE wasn't too bad. I am not all that excited for Friday when I have to start dressing down and start playing flag football *dun dun dun* but I guess I will just have to run with it, literaly!

I guess out of all the teachers, the French one is my favorite. Everyone said she was crazy but she isn't nearly as crazy as some!

At least I have lunch with most of my friends. Though it is minus Amanda, Chelsea and Krista so it's not really the same. We sat near some cheer leaders.

I can't believe that this is how I am going to spend the next four years of my life, as well as so many American's hard earned tax money. I don't think the pioneers, who went to school in a one room log cabin, got pattled when they were wrong, and who were tought to resept their elders and not wear hats inside would be proud of us today. Why can't we go back to that system? Hey it worked didn't it?
Well enough of my ranting for one day. I am exhausted!