November 15, 2005

MuggleCast Review for Language Arts

It’s the brighter spot of your week. It’s what gives you enough hope to make it through the hectic and chaotic moments in life where you feel like screaming. It’s what attracts thousands of listeners from all over the world to swarm their favorite Harry Potter website waiting for more. It’s MuggleCast, the weekly Harry Potter podcast from that has invaded computers all over the world and shown us what being a Harry Potter fan really is.
It started out as a humble attempt for the hosts to take their fandom one step further, but what they imagined may never catch on turned them into stars. The silent newscasters became living people. Flesh and blood complete with real humor and emotions. They would no longer have to slave in the shadows as Emerson Spartz, the website’s creator, earned all the credit in the eyes of his loving fan girls. Now the could be adored by their own fans. Websites and LiveJournal communities in their honor have popped up all over the internet with close friends of hosts Eric Scull, Jamie Lawrence and Andrew Sims, posting pictures and reminiscent stories of their outings. Their quick wit and speedy recollection of all things Potter, as well as their inability to stick to one topic, gives the show its personality, keeping it at the top of every podcasting chart it’s listed on.
Among the regular features of the show are “Jamie’s British Joke of the Day,” voicemails from listeners and, my favorite, “Spy on Spartz.” In this segment they stalk Emerson Spartz, who is currently attending the University of Notre Dame, by watching the schools webcams as well as reading his creative away messages and e-mail from those who have spotted him in the past week, on air. Another favorite is “Andrew’s Listener Challenge” in which Andrew enlists his listeners to do anything that he deems fitting to that week’s conversation. From asking his fans to come up with creative new places to podcast from and submit a picture of the place or make t-shirts dedicated to the show.
I am glad I decided to listen to MuggleCast, despite my first, pre-listened attempts to dismiss it as a dull waste of time. It has certainly become a large part of my recreational life now, as well as my dream than someday my friends and I can be big time podcasters as well. Who knew that an internet talk show based on a children’s fantasy novel could become so popular? Certainly not JK Rowling, the boys at MuggleNet, or anyone else for that matter. It’s only a matter of time before MuggleCast replaces more popular late night talk shows on the television.

November 1, 2005


I have been so tired lately. So tired that all of my health is failing. Everything aches and jams, my fingers and toes go numb every so often, I can keep a full conversation because I forget what the person says right after they say it, I’m nauseous, and I can’t seem to see anything. It’s like there is too much light or my pupils are too big, but I keep checking them and they are fine. I just need a little more sleep is all. It seems, though, that the crazier my physical body gets, the better everything inside my mind gets. The things I do remember (long term stuff) I remember with no problem at all and I am overly happy. I will just have to see how this all end up. My mom said I might have to go to the doctor. Not that they can do much.

Anyway, yesterday I wrote letters to Amélina and Emilie. I have yet to send Janine’s stuff though. I really need to get down to the post office this week. Hopefully it will get to her before she moves to Australia!

I officially know that I am a total nerd, newb or anything of the like. On Sunday, I watched Sixth Sense on ABC Family. It was completely cut; no cursing and my parents said they cut out a lot of stuff with the ghosts too. Despite this, I was scared out of my mind. I won’t go into the details, but I was a right sight. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but I did just fine, while Arianne and Jordan were both up all night. It was that oatmeal puking ghost, the oatmeal one…*shudder*

In brighter news, I am almost half way though Alma. Yes! I thought it would take forever, but it’s a lot easier when you read it more often. I would have finished it for seminary this school year, but Gordon B. Hinckley telling all of the Saints to read it by the end of the year was really cool. It really shows where people are in their faith in the prophet. That is probably one of the only things keeping me sane, scripture reading and my new habits of daily journal writing and a real morning prayer, along with my breakfast one. It’s weird how things so simple can make everything come together to perfectly. We have also started saying family prayer every night. I made a little chart so we could remember at first, but now we have no problem.

I continue to work on my Quizilla project of the quizzes on the books of the Book of Mormon. Last Sunday, I made 2 Nephi. Here is the link:
I would like to thank all of the people who messaged me on Quizilla, even though I doubt you are reading this, for all the support. You guys are awesome! And good luck to anyone who decides to start reading the Book of Mormon. Just make sure to keep your reading consistent, it will help you remember it better, as it will read more like a story.

Hope you all had a great Halloween,

October 15, 2005

Day Off!

Well this week has been very tiring. Luckily we didn’t have school of Friday, so I slept in until 11:30 am. It was very nice. After, I called Josie and we tried calling Jackie but she wouldn’t pick up. Eventually my Mom and I just went to pick them both up so we could hang out at my house. We played karaoke (dedicating a lot of songs), and watched MST 3K: Prince of Space. It was loads of fun. Afterwards I went babysitting.

Today, I woke up a bit earlier and went to go to the PSAT. I sat between Josie and Thomas. It was lots of fun. Thomas would kind of spaz out every once in a while, so that was amusing.

We really need to get on this whole pod casting thing, guys. The more I listen to MuggleCast, the more I want to make my own show. MuggleCast rocks! If you’ve never listened to it, you can check it out at . You’ll love it!

Well that’s all I have for you now,

October 5, 2005


All of conference was awesome. Sadly, as always, my mind cannot hold so much information right after hearing it. I’ll just have to wait for the Ensign to come out.

Everything seems to be going a lot better now. All of it seems so connected compared to a few weeks ago. This is very strange since I just yesterday got word of a new problem. I knew it would happen eventually, but it couldn’t be stopped. It’s nothing terrible, at least I don’t think so. However, the sooner it is solved the better.

Today was a weird day. It was a good weird, but still weird. Nobody in my family has fought or quarreled (knock on wood), Chelsea has first lunch, and girls were taking pictures of themselves in the mirror in the girls’ bathroom.
Lunch was really boring. We sat in the library for a little while, and then walked around. Kelsey didn’t really get the whole “walking aimlessly” thing. She kept asking where we were going. What ever happened to just plain wandering?

Everybody is talking about homecoming. My friends are, of course trying to think of something else to do instead of go to the dance. I don’t know, bowling in nice dresses doesn’t sound like too much fun to me.
Maybe all of my buddies that aren’t doing anything on homecoming weekend can get together. We can do…stuff.

It’s also rotten that Halloween is on a Monday. No overnighters, or ever late nighters this year. Humph. It also doesn’t help that most of my friends are too obsessed with homecoming to care about anything other than that.

I have youth group tonight. It is a young men and young woman combined activity. I am so glad Mutual is on Wednesday nights, now.

Well, that’s the end of it,


September 30, 2005

Books to Read

Here is a LONG list of books I intend to read sometime in my life. If you have any good ones to recomend, please comment.

□ Little Women By Louisa M. Alcott
□ Heidi By Johanna Spyri
□ The First Four Years By Laura Ingalls Wilder
□ By the Shores of Silver Lake By Laura Ingalls Wilder
□ These Happy Golden Years By Laura Ingalls Wilder
□ Little Town on the Prairie By Laura Ingalls Wilder
□ Little House on the Prairie By Laura Ingalls Wilder
□ Farmer Boy By Laura Ingalls Wilder
□ The First World War By Hew Strachan
□ Eldest By Christopher Paolini
□ The First Ladies By The White House Historical Association
□ Over the Rainbow: Tales of Fantasy and Imagination By Multiple Authors
□ Traditional Fairy Tales By Multiple Authors
□ A Sacred Duty By Ester Rashand and Richard Wilkins
□ Left Back By Diane Ravitch
□ Hope
□ I Walked to Zion By Susan Arrington Madsen
□ Growing Up In Zion By Susan Arrington Madsen
□ Coming From the Light By Sarah Hinze
□ Standing for Something By Gordon B. Hinckley
□ Lighten Up By Chieko N. Okazaki
□ Opening the Seven Seals By Richard D. Draper
□ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde By Robert Lewis Stevenson
□ The Way Things Ought to Be By Rush Limbaugh
□ All Quiet on the Western Front By Erich Maria Remarque
□ Tales of The Alhambra By Washington Irving
□ Embraced by the Light By Betty J. Eadie
□ The Social Fabric By John H. Cary and Julius Weinberg
□ The Work and the Glory: Pillar of Light By Gerald N. Lund
□ The Work and the Glory: Like a Fire is Burning By Gerald N. Lund
□ The Work and the Glory: 3 By Gerald N. Lund
□ The Work and the Glory: 4 By Gerald N. Lund
□ The Work and the Glory: A Season of Joy By Gerald N. Lund
□ The Work and the Glory: Praise to the Man By Gerald N. Lund
□ The Work and the Glory: No Unhallowed Hand By Gerald N. Lund
□ The Work and the Glory: So Great a Cause By Gerald N. Lund
□ The Work and the Glory: All is Well By Gerald N. Lund
□ Sense and Sensibility By Jane Austen
□ Mansfield Park By Jane Austen
□ Emma By Jane Austen
□ Northanger Abbey By Jane Austen
□ Persuasion By Jane Austen
□ Lady Susan By Jane Austen
□ Being Enough By Chieko N. Okazaki
□ Salt: A World History By Mark Kurlansky
□ A Patriot’s History of the United States By Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen
□ Treason By Ann Coulter
□ The Case for Democracy Natan Sharansky
□ Jane Austen: A Life Claire Tomalin
□ Six Easy Pieces Richard P. Feynman
□ The Federalist Papers By Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Day
□ What Every American Should Know About American History By Dr. Alan Axelrod and Charles Phillips
□ Our Heritage: A Brief History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
□ The Mormon Book of Lists By Jay A. Parry and Larry E. Morris
□ Undaunted Courage By Stephen E. Ambrose
□ Prelude to Glory: Our Sacred Honor By Ron Carter
□ The History of England By Jane Austen
□ The Right Man By David Frum
□ Treachery By Bill Gertz
□ Peace Kills By P.J. O’Rourke
□ Jane and the Genius of the Place By Stephanie Barron
□ What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew By Daniel Pool
□ Men in Black By Mark R. Levin
□ The Wild Blue By Stephen Ambrose
□ To America By Stephen E. Ambrose
□ Patriarch By Richard Norton Smith
□ Sherlock Holmes Detective Stories By A. Conan Doyle
□ The Children’s Story By James Clavell
□ In Their Own Words: Women and the Story of Nauvoo By Carol Cornwall Madsen
□ Rediscovering the Book of Mormon Edited By: John L. Sorenson and Melvin J. Thorne
□ Wonderful Me! By Verna Swan Johnson
□ The Only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need By Dave Barry
□ Band of Brothers By Stephen E. Ambrose
□ Citizen Soldiers By Stephen E. Ambrose
□ The Final Days Barbara Olson
□ Saints at War By Robert C Freeman and Dennis A. Wright
□ First Strike By Jack Cashill and James Sanders
□ Visual Explanations By Edward R. Tufte
□ The Visual Display of Quantitative Information By Edward R. Tufte
□ Envisioning Information By Edward R. Tufte
□ Mormon Doctrine By Bruce R. McConkie
□ 1984 By George Orwell
□ Animal Farm By George Orwell
□ Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury
□ Jesus the Christ By James E. Talmage

September 15, 2005

The Past Few Days

I am so exhausted. I have barely enough strength left to breath let alone go to ballet tonight. It’s also my first night of pointe…and I have a new teacher. I am also a little sore from Tuesday’s ballet class and yesterday’s circuit in aerobics.

Seminary also started this week, and boy am I glad to be back. I’m in the sophomore class now (obviously), which meets in the Primary room. My teachers are Brother and Sister Fowler and they seem like they are going to be great teachers. Tomorrow, though, Sister Vakrai will be substituting for my class. It will be great to have her be our teacher for a day. This year we are studying the Book of Mormon. I am really excited for it too.

On the very first day of seminary, Sister Fowler asked us how many days it took to read the new Harry Potter book. The answers came in anywhere from a couple of days to a week and a half. She then told us that is the Book of Mormon were bound like an ordinary book, that means without the index or footnotes, that is would be less that 300 pages long. Far shorter that many of the Harry Potter books and any other volume of scripture, other than the Pearl of Great Price. This really stuck with me. I’ve always known it to be short, but I never thought about it like that. I am definitely going to finish it by the end of the year. I am in 2 Nephi right now, and there is a lot in there worth reading. With my family, we are at the very beginning of Helaman. The last part of Alma was so inspiring. Moroni was so young (25) and yet he had such great courage and faith in the Lord.

11 And Moroni was a strong and a mighty man; he was a man of a perfect understanding; yea, a man that did not delight in bloodshed; a man whose soul did joy in the liberty and the freedom of his country, and his brethren from bondage and slavery;

12 Yea, a man whose heart did swell with thanksgiving to his God, for the many privileges and blessings which he bestowed upon his people; a man who did labor exceedingly for the welfare and safety of his people.

13 Yea, and he was a man who was firm in the faith of Christ, and he had sworn with an oath to defend his people, his rights, and his country, and his religion, even to the loss of his blood.

17 Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men.

That is from Alma, chapter 48. Chapters 59 though 60 are also worth checking out.

So, I guess I pretty much like school. The halls seem worse than they did last year and that stinks, but Josie and I are cooking up a pretty sweet plan. I only saw what I think is HB once and it was this morning when Josie and I were hanging out in the commons. I think I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to two people. I still need info though. Jackie said Nathan was friends with him, but he has no clue who we’re talking about. Maybe a candy bar will refresh his memory…or maybe I should just ask the kids what their names are. I could probably also ask Andre or Laura. They probably know him or have seen him around.

Right now I am downloading the new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire trailer. The new one came out today. Yes!

Well, tomorrow is our first half-day Friday. Most of my teachers have already told us that we will get plenty of free time tomorrow and we are only doing toning in aerobics. After school sometime, I am going over to Chelsea’s to hang out. I probably won’t stay the night though due to my extreme tiredness and already soreness. On Saturday I have a dance too. I still need to talk to Jamie and see if she is coming. She says she lives a few blocks away from the Church so I don’t know if I’m picking her up or not.

I had a bad dream last night…I’ve never had a dream with my friends and other people I know from school in it before. Too bad the first one has to be so horrible.

Over and Out Folks,

“The voluntary path to cheerfulness, if out spontaneous cheerfulness be lost, is to sit up cheerfully and act and speak as if cheerfulness were already there. To feel brave, act as if we were brave, use all our will to that end, and courage will very likely replace fear. If we act as if from some better feeling, the bad feeling soon folds its tent like an Arab and silently steals away.”
-William James

September 8, 2005

Fisrt Day of School

I guess I didn’t post my first day of school “review” yesterday, so here it goes:

1. Language Arts w/ Goldhammer: Blag! I don’t like language arts enough as it is. Now I have to be in there with all of the people who are snobs in a popular way. This time, they aren’t even right, most of the time. All we did was finish sentences to make them apply to us. At least Curtis, from my math class is there. Maybe he’ll be funny…or maybe he’s nothing without Randall.

2. Biology w/ Phillips: I like science class, so I didn’t hate it. Thomas, Owen and Rachel are in there, and Courtney was, but she switched out.

3. Aerobics and Conditioning w/ McCormick: Mrs. McCormick seems really nice and I can’t wait for class. The only problem for me is that we only get six minutes to change, and my next class in math, in far away land.

4. Geometry w/ Ipsen: I was really excited to have Mrs. Ipsen’s class again. I have Lindsey in there with me so it’s really cool. However it’s almost hart breaking how like every other class it is. No witty comments from Curtis, Adam (Randall) or Justin. Our class is split, so that we go to class for a bit, go to lunch and come back. It’s pretty cool.

- Lunch: Lunch is fun. Lindsey and I can pretty much do whatever we want now, but I have a feeling we are going to get very bored without anyone from first lunch to talk to. Luckly both of the Chelseas are there (even though Chelsea R always ditches us). Philippe also has our lunch, along with Nathan (Jackie’s brother), and a few other freshman I know.

5. French II w/ Chambers: It’s still the same teacher I had last year, except she got married. Alysha, Courtney, and Owen are in there along with lots of the other kids from our class (Victoria was in my unit at camp when I was a little first year.). Lucas, from my traffic safety class is also I there. I didn’t even know he took French. Sadly no Melissa and no…well…I’m not going to go there.

6. Art w/ Heidemin: I really messed up that spelling, I bet. The class is okay. At first I thought I was the youngest in there, except for Andre, but it turns out the girl next to me is also in 10th grade. She seems fairly nice.

Well that’s pretty much all. I am kind of glad school is back in, because I get to see my friends, but next week is going to be a disaster. Babysitting, ballet and seminary start all in one week. I’m feeling faint all ready.

September 7, 2005

It Came Upon a FWD:

This is a sparkling new idea for a chain of non-pretentious Utah restaurants. The name of these restaurants: The Steak Center ("Where There's Never a Dry, Boring Meat-ing!"). Each Steak Center will have one enormous dining area with basketball hoops at either end, and folding metal chairs and long tables covered in plastic tablecloths.

The main menu items will be the Porterhouse Rockwell Steak, the Primary Rib and the Poor Wayfaring Pan of Beef, garnished with Parsley P. Pratt, but we'll also have, when it's in season, Eliza R. Snow crab, and a whole line of "And It Came to Pasta", including Kraft Moroni &Cheese.

Additionally, we'll have breakfast items, including Pearl of Puffed Rice and Frosted Minivans, as well as Adam-ondi-Omelettes, and "In Our Lovely Desserts", including Fast Sundaes, Gadianton Cobbler and the sinful Laman Meringue Pie. The waiters will be 12 and 13 year-old boys wearing white shirts and their fathers' ties, and at the end of the night, the customers will be asked to help fold up the chairs and tables and vacuum the floor.

Franchises are selling fast...

September 6, 2005

Some Days

I have had quite the past couple of days! On Sunday we went to my Aunt Adrian’s and Uncle Adam’s ward for my cousin, Rylee’s, baby blessing. After that, we went to my Aunt Shannon’s house for refreshments, dinner, and games. It was lots of fun.

Yesterday, we went shopping, and not quite all day as we had planned. Luckily, I found three pairs of pants, that fit, at our first stop. Good ol’, trusty Old Navy! Next we went to PetCo for fish tank cleaning stuff, then to Mervyns. At Mervyns, I bought a grey suit, and the top has pink pin stripes and pink on the inside. The pants need to be hemmed, but I can’t wait to wear it to school! After this we went to Staples, and Blue Sierra where my sister got a new guppy, which she named Skipper. This only took a few hours, which is good because I can’t handle much more.

Today was “Wildcat Day,” at school. It’s when we do all of our registration, get our lockers and have our pictures taken. It was okay, I guess. The first line was long but after a while it got moving. Everyone I tried to say hi to didn’t respond, well most everyone. I ended up waving to Jordan, and Courtney and talking to Melissa. It turns out that Melissa’s locker is near mine, in the language hall. It also turns out that I am only a few away from Steve’s. We’ll just have to see how that will work out.

When we got home, I was rushing to do my chore, so I could get on the computer, and I broke a huge casserole dish. I felt bad because we use it a lot. Then I felt worse because it got in the dishwasher (the broken pieces) and I didn’t want to break that too. I got a small cut that hurts a lot, but that’s nothing to what could have happened!

It seemed like lots of people grew over the summer except my closest friends. That’s pretty sad; my non-growing self must be having an effect on them.

All for now,

PS: What the heck is a participation fee, and why does anybody have to pay that at school? Participation in what?

September 1, 2005

Nerdy Me

I was looking at the service that John Train uses to do his podcasts and it’s $5 a month for a weekly 30 minute broadcast (which is what I think I would want to do). I think it would be so cool to do that. My Mom also recommended an internet radio broadcasting website that she listened to the “Mom Show” on. I haven’t looked at that yet.
I think it would be so cool to have a show of some sort. I don’t know if any of my friends would be interested, but I could always get Arianne to do it with me if they weren’t. If I got doing the show with a few people, than we could split the cost…hmm…that sounds cool. And if we did it weekly we could get together every Friday or Saturday and record it.
Well that’s my rant for the day,

August 31, 2005

Service with a Wink

New Era, January 2005
By Megan Willis

The summer before my junior year of high school, I took my first job as a cashier at a fast-food restaurant. The first couple of days were a little shaky. But as time passed, I became one of the fastest button pushers and food gatherers you’ve ever seen.

One day halfway through the summer, it seemed like nothing was going right. Some orders had come out wrong, and the customers were not happy. I had been yelled at more than once. Several times, customers demanded to see my manager. I worried that this one bad day would get me fired.

Soon after the crowds had gone, two young boys came in. When I read their order back to them, the older boy used the Lord’s name in vain and said, “Can’t you get anything right?” I apologized and fixed the mistake. When he handed me a ten-dollar bill, I realized there weren’t enough one-dollar bills to make change. I explained this to the boy, and he cursed again.

As I was putting their order together, I noticed an elderly woman in line talking to the older boy. When I handed him his order, he looked down and apologized for what he had said.

When the woman reached the counter, she said, “I can’t believe how that boy treated you. There was no reason for such behavior.”

I smiled and told her it didn’t bother me. “It’s all right; I’m used to it.” I turned to put the lid on her drink and was surprised that I felt like I was going to cry. I guess it was because someone understood and took the time to talk to me decently.

When I gave her the order, she handed me one-dollar bills to pay for it. I looked up at her, and she said, “I overheard you say you needed one-dollar bills.” Then she winked at me and left.

The rest of the day didn’t seem so bad. I never saw her again, and I don’t think she knew how much she helped me that day. We don’t always know why certain people come into our lives, but this woman was there to help me when I needed it.

No one should ever have to say “It’s all right; I’m used to it.” Now I try extra hard to be nice to people every day. Then, before I go to bed, I ask myself, “Was someone’s day made better or a burden made lighter because of coming in contact with me?” When the answer is yes, the feeling is wonderful.


This article really shows how one little thing can turn someone elses day in a different direction, for either good or bad.

August 29, 2005


I just got done working on some of my genealogy, using a program called PAF (Personal Ancestry File), put out by the Church. It’s a great program, and anybody who wants to get into genealogy should give it a try. You can get a free download of the program from:

It’s really worth it, and easy to use. Just enter in your own information for a few generations and use the program to help you search for more. There are lots of instructions and such, but if you need help, you can just ask me. Or, if I know you and you want me to help you set it up, I can probably come over and get away from my house for a few hours…or something…hmmm…
We’ll see, I guess.

August 23, 2005

School Classes

I got my schedule from school the other day, so now I know what teachers I have. Here we go:

Semester 1:
1. Language Arts 10 (Goldhammer)
2. Biology (Phillips)
3. Aerobics/Conditioning (Tredo)
4. Geometry (Ipsen)
5. French 2 (Kelso)
6. Beginning Art (Heideman)

Semester 2:
1. Language Arts 10 (Goldhammer)
2. World History (Bopp)
3. Aerobics/Conditioning (Tredo)
4. Geometry (Ipsen)
5. Biology (Phillips)
6. French 2 (Kelso)

I didn't really want to take art, but there wasn't anything else for me to take. I really wanted something like phsycology, but sophmores can't take cool classes like that.

August 22, 2005


Though I have a list of all of these sites on right, there, I decided I would post little content “reviews” along with them. All of them are really good, but not all are good for beginners. I have put * next to all of the sites that are more gravitated toward people learning about the church.

This is the official website for members of the Church. It includes all sorts of information including the scriptures, talks, issues of church magazines and other resources. It is fairly easy to navigate, as well.

- *
The official website for people investigating the church. It provides basic information on a vast array of subjects pertaining to belief, worship and social life of members of the Church. It can be a little hard to get around, but it’s worth a visit.

- *
This is a question and answer site created by the author of Defense of the Faith. The answers are easy to understand, and the questions are fairly common.

- *
This whole website is wonderful. It provides LDS news and well as links to hundreds of LDS websites (stores, mission prep. etc.). I highly recommend
“Answers to Critics' Questions About the LDS Church” and “Answers to Submitted Questions About the LDS Church” for people looking to learn about the church. There are tons of questions and answers on nearly every topic, however they aren’t organized.

- *
This is an entire page dedicated to temples. It’s very basic, and mostly words. I recommend it if you’ve got time.

- *
One of the best resources around. Loads of essays, and FAQ at your disposal. So much stuff you won’t be able to read it all…seriously. Where does this guy get the time to write all of this?

A great site for members, with information and print outs. It also would give lots of info for non-members.

- *
Haven’t looked at it much, but it looks awesome and has lots of information. Navigation is very similar to…in a way.

- *
Lots of links and documents about the church. There isn’t very much to it, but it’s worth a visit!

- *
Provides rather basic introductions to doctrine as the missionaries teach them (still isn’t a substitute to the real deal) as well as information on missionaries themselves.

Physical evidence relating to the Book of Mormon. Very nicely put together and I recommend it to anyone who has read the Book of Mormon either most of the way, or all of the way through. (You will understand the site better that way.)

Mostly for people who already know a lot about the church, but there is some other stuff that investigators may find interesting too, such as the
LDS Lingo *.

August 18, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution

Arianne and I just got finished playing some DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). It was okay. She sure likes some pretty lame songs though, like “Ready Steady Go.” I mean, what’s that all about? Has she been talking to Hannah?
Alrighty, here are all of my favorite DDR songs (in no particular order):
1..59 (dj TAKA): This song is awesome on every level! One of the first songs that I fell in love with.
2.After the Game of Love (NPD3): I know it sounds dorky, but on heavy it’s pretty fun.
3.Candy (Riyu Kosaka): Oh man! This song is the BOMB!
4.Do That Thang [M*A*S*H Radio Edit] (MASAI): The song is cute, but the steps and dumb and the backgrounds are…well…
5.Exotic Ethnic (RevenG): Steps, song, everything 5 stars! (Light is the most fun though.)
6.Healing Vision [Angelic Mix] (2MB): This is way better that what you have to beat to earn it, though that high pitched pulse in the background music can get irritating.
7.Hysteria (NAOKI 190): This song is so awesome, along with the steps.
8.Insertion [Machine Gun Kelly Mix] (Thuggie D.): Classic, like “.59.”
9.Keep on Movin’ [DMX Mix] (N.M.R.-typeG): The song is the best on the game, and one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. The steps mesh to make it even more fun!
10.Keep Ya Body Movin’ (Thuggie D.): Song reminds me of “Hysteria” or “Let’s See Who’s Better” but the steps are super easy. Great beginner song.
11.La Senorita Virtual (2MB): Just all around fun. Great one for parties…right gang?
12.MAX 300 (Ω): I just unlocked this on roulette and love it to death!
13.On the Jazz (Jonny Dynamite!): Cute song, fun steps.
14.Sana Morette Ne Ente (Togo Project feat. Sana): It’s all so prettyful!
15.Sweet Sweet ♥ Magic (jun): A lot like “Candy Heart.”
16.Mobo Moga (Orange Lounge): Feels like a party! Light is uber easy, but the rest are more of a challenge.
17.JaneJana (T.E.M.P.O. feat. Mohammed & Emi
18.Heaven is a ’57 Metallic Gray [gimmix] (Hiro feat. Sweet little 30’s): One of the best! So much fun, and Illusions has it now, too.
19.Kakumei (dj TAKA with NAOKI): Two of the best artists recreate a classical favorite.
The only songs I really hate are “Kind Lady” and “Orion .78 (civilization mix).”

I don’t have all of the song packs yet, but I do have two of them. I can’t wait to get another, as I am ready for some new songs. I’ve yet to get UltraMix 2, but I had better get it before UltraMix 3 comes out.

All for today,

August 8, 2005


My basic week at Young Woman’s Camp:

Day One:
My first day of camp was on Monday. We were told to be at the church at about 6:15, but of course I was late. Luckily, nobody had left yet. I rode in a car with Ashley, Bethany, and Cheriese (sp?) to Ensign Ranch. Once we got there we put our bags in the A-frames, stapled up sheets and plastic to keep dirt and bugs out, got our camp shirts, took pictures and left. It took forever to finally get to the spot that we were hiking from. We probably got there at about 12:00 or so. Next we ate lunch and went hiking.
After only a few hours (less than the preparation itself) we were done hiking for the day. We set up our tents, filtered water and made dinner. Then we had a fireside and went to bed.

Day Two:
Our first full day of wilderness. Sometime in the middle of the night my neck had cramped up so that it couldn’t move at all, but after I had sat up for a while it seemed fine, however my lower back was killing! After breakfast and a bit of milling around we went on a day hike. We hiked around the lake (without backpacks) to a place closer to the snow cap and where we could see a ton of water falls. It was beautiful! I took some pictures, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out.
While we were stopped we got a chance to read our pages from the Book of Mormon. Each person in our fourth year unit had gotten about 15 pages from the Book of Mormon to read, allowing us to read it in one day, as a group. I got a section from Mosiah starting when Alma baptizes the people in Mormon all the way to where it begins talking about the Mulekites (I only got part of that chapter).
We hiked back to camp, had dinner, another fireside and went to bed.

Day Three:
We had to wake up at about 7:00 am and begin packing and eating. After we were done we hiked out. This was definitely the coldest morning of the week.
Once we were done hiking, some of the woman from camp gave us cold water and grapes.
When we got to camp we had to suffer the tradition of being drenched with water. Arianne was the only one who got me though, and despite the beating my glasses survived.
Now it was lunch, but head shed brought us our food, those nice people.
During free time I played hang-man with Josie, while Jackie did crafts. Alexa and Jacquelyn kept hugging me…thought I should mention that.
We did skit night.

Day Four:
First full day in Ensign Ranch. We had a couple of workshops, and a little bit of certification time. Other than that, nothing happened…other than the Seusical, which was fun.

Day Five:
Today was the day everyone likes best. The final day for certification and testimony meeting day.
Arianne bore her testimony, and it was really sweet *tear*.

Day Six:
All day was spent packing and cleaning as well as at the endless award ceremony. As fourth years we got to lead our first song, so we chose Lemmie. It was…fun?

Anyway, I guess that almost sums up the basics of my week at camp.

July 25, 2005

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I have finally finished reading it, and it was great! It has taken me longer than I had expected but things came up, and my attention span seems to be getting shorter and shorter.
Overall I give the book a 4.5 out of 5, due to its quick and somewhat dull ending. The plot of the end was excellent, but the last chapter and maybe even just the last few pages were a little cheesy. I don’t know, though, maybe it was just too emotional for me to grasp. All in all, though, the book was great and one of my favorites, full of plot twists and new material.


The book had a lot of one of my favorite characters in it, Tom Riddle (you know, before he was Voldemort) but only one, last name mention of Colin Creevy, my second favorite character.
My favorite parts about the book were the memories that Harry and Dumbledore watched in the pensive about Tom Riddle’s life, growing up. I also liked the chapter “The Cave.” That one could give someone a nightmare…

That’s all for my review, I don’t want to give the whole book away. Though I must say I was wholly disappointed by whom the Half-Blood Prince was…*shakes head*

Trek: Day One

Trek: Day 1
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

We had to be at the church at 8:45 am, in our trek outfits (work clothes). My mom was going to drive some kids to the place where the whole stake was supposed to meet, but there were plenty of cars so she didn’t have to.
Before we left North Bend my car stopped at the Chevron station to get some drinks. It felt off going into a store with our costumes on, and I am sure the girl who was in line behind us felt just as odd about being near us.
It was a very long drive, but eventually we got to the place we were supposed to be. We were given a color and a number and then we checked in. After checking in, we ate the lunch we had packed and had a sort of “opening exercises” thing.
Next we got sorted into our families. I was in the red company (there were three companies, red, green and blue) and the Ross family. Since nobody in our family knew each other, we had to introduce ourselves and memorize each others names. We had five girls: Maribel (Moe), Sarah, Rachelle (she had a twin in another family, and it got a little crazy), Shelby, and me, and we had four boys: Ben, Ethan, Jordan and Logan (Lagoon/Goon).
Once we all knew each other’s names we worked on packing our hand cart. Luckily the first time was the hardest and we got quicker, because that took about a half hour to forty-five minutes alone. After we had packed we had a family meeting and decided to adopt a “baby” and nominate a “big brother” and “big sister.” Our baby (which was a bag of wheat that had been drawn on) had girly eyes and hair, but it was really a boy named Luke. It weighed about 7 ½ pounds and couldn’t be set in the hand cart or on the ground at any time.
After the green company had left we lined up to leave next. Moe and I started out as pushers, which is really one of the hardest positions because you can’t see anything that is coming. It wasn’t until after we had started up the steep hill that we got to switch and move to the front to pull on the side bars.
The first hill was the hardest, as the wheels would occasionally get caught on rocks and the hill seemed nearly vertical. Once we had reached the top, tough, it was awesome, because we got to go up to a cross and look out over where we had come. We took a little water and bathroom break and continued on our way. The next few miles weren’t that bad, because it was mostly flat, but soon it became rocky and slightly steeper. We had to had to have two boys that would just turn the wheels as they got caught on huge rocks. This lasted for several miles, somewhere in the middle having a break. After our break we had to unpack our handcarts for our shawls and coats ( a huge pain) and then we continued on. The best part was that I got to be a plusher, a word my group made up for the people who push on the main bar in front of the hand cart. Logan and I pushed that until some adults said that the people who were supposed to be pulling the rope, and the piece of wood we had tied it around, weren’t really pulling. We traded with them and since we were so close behind the group in front of us we pretty much just walked, occasionally speeding up to tail-gate the cart in front of us (who I guess Logan knew).
We all kept going until really late into the night, about 11:00 pm or so. We set up our camp, in the dark, which was a couple of tarps and our sleeping bags and went to sleep. When the food had finally arrived it was about 1:00 am or so and most of our family wouldn’t wake up so those of us who were awake, Ben, Rachelle, Sarah our Pa and I, all got second of broth and rolls. I just had two rolls, on account of me not liking broth.

Well that was day one of trek, right there. A long day, since I have been up since about 5:00 am or so.

July 18, 2005

American Idol Theories: Math Class

Here is a theory Hannah made up about Randall (Adam), from my math class:

The American Idols theories
Randall walks into the stage room where he sees our three favorite judges.
"So what will you be singing today?" Simon asks in that monotone voice
"Your mom will be singing today" Randall goes off into a laughing fit while the judges stare at each other with black faces.
Randall decides that the song for him is going to be some song he learned in German class.
As Randall sings in German the judges state at each other again.
"So how did I do, better than your mom!"
"Umm that was horrible singing and it was in a different language," Randy says still puzzled why he was singing in German.
"Your mom is a horrible German singer,"
"Hon, I thought it was really pure German," Paula says in her pushover voice.
"your mom is pure,"
"That was just ghastly with a capital G" Simon says as he starts to crack up.
"Well your mom is ghastly"
"Umm I think we can all say its defiantly a no," By this time Randy was getting annoyed at the jokes
"Well your mom is a no," Randall says as he walks out of the door into the hallways.

That is so Randall.
Here is one I wrote about Curtle:

Curtis walked into the room pumped and ready to go.
“A’ight,” He said smiling, “what do I do here?” The judges just stared at him.
“This is a singing competition, you sing a song.” Simon said bluntly.
“Whoa!” Curtis said making stop signals with his hands, “Settle! Nobody ever told me about this one.”
“How could you not know dawg?” Randy questioned.
“Hmmm…maybe I should sing something.” Curtis said.
“Go ahead.” Simon motioned as he spoke. Curtis took a deep breath and started singing, but he couldn’t keep from laughing,
“Did you ever know that you’re my heeeee-roooooo! *snortlaughspit* You’re everything I wish…phfffff...” he cracked up. Simon just sat back and sighed.
“I just don’t know if you’re right for this competition.” Paula finally said.
“What do you mean?” Curtis said.
“It’s horrific.” Simon said.
“Hey…I think I’m starting to see a pattern here.” Curtis said grinning.
“I say no, man, no.” Randy decided.
“Yup. Definitely, a pattern. Totally saw that one coming.”
“A pattern?” Simon said, slightly amused.
“Yes sir. I am good at patterns. Especially the random ones.”
“I’m not even going to ask.” Simon said motioning for him to leave. Paula leaned up over the table.
“Your not too bad honey, just not for us. I like the way your socks match my necklace though.”
“Like I said, a pattern, a pattern!” Curtis walked out.

It's not as good, but oh well. I guess nobody ever made one for Justin, poor kid.


Last year, when we had plenty of time, my friends and I would write things called "Theories." They would be about us and our friends when we became adults. This particular one was written by Steve and I:

Crazy USA

Chapter One (Hillary’s)

After Hillary had been married to JPL for some time she decided to call her old buddy up on the phone. "Hey Liz?" She said "remember our 8th grade yearbooks?" Lindsey put Hillary on hold and read Hillary's message about world domination. They began to reminisce when Hillary couldn't hold it in. "Uncle Eric is staying at my house for a week!" Lindsey squealed! She had always wanted to meet the infamous Eric, DDR, bagpipes and all. She packed her bags and headed to the USA on a business trip. Once in Texas she and Hillary (who got a babysitter) went out to Spring Creek Barbeque to discuss their plans. "We are going to need help." Lindsey said. "We are going to need Randall’s help." Hillary finished. She looked up her old buddy on and found his phone number. They called him and told him the plan. "Excellent!" he said leaning back in his huge arm chair. He met them in Washington DC to make a plan. Since 9th grade he had gotten a spray on tan and a new wardrobe. They discussed their plans of making the new Commie government controlled by President Steve. They convinced the secret service to help them by giving them what they really wanted, money. Hillary ran into the oval office with a roll of clear packing tape. Steve was asleep, drooling on the desk covered in papers. She took the tape and taped him to the chair and his face to the desk. She put some big noise-blocking ear phones on him and taped the door shut. Climbing out the window and into another room where the first lady, Hannah, was knitting she attacked her with the packing tape. She screamed as the secret service sat eating donuts and talking about life. Randall rigged up the satellite dish and put Lindsey on every TV in America's screen. "Never fear America, the cavalry is here!" A loud cheer could be heard coming up from the American streets and the three burned the Communist manifesto sitting in place of the constitution. It was a happy day for all, especially the secret service, because they got the Krispy Creams.

Chapter Two (Steve’s)
Using only one piece of tape like a conservative would do, Steve easily got up from the desk and crawled out the window. Steve very tired grabbed a cup of joe and turned off the power stopping the satellite signal entirely. Steve then walked into his walk in closet and grabbed a extra copy of the communist manifesto, leaving 5000 copies of it left. Stephen being the communist that he was decided to grab tape and get Hillary back. After sneaking around to find her, he noticed her snooping around for a power switch. Since communism is all about sharing, and being equal Stephen thought he should put the tape on equally throughout her body plastering her against the wall. The guards sitting there watching laughed and ate more and more donuts until falling asleep from the vast amount of food consumed. Now that communism was back in order Stephen was going to dress up as bush and choke on his favorite type of pretzel while sending the video to NBC where it was posted throughout there nightly lineup. What a great night for communism.

Chapter Three (Hillary’s)
Seeing as Hillary apparently was saving of tape so she could kill her other enemies and the ozone by burning the tape later. Steve used an equal amount on her. She hopped down from the wall and made a plan with her bounty hunter, Mr. Vieira. He loaded up his holsters and trucked down to where Steve was pretending to be Bush, for some weird reason. He caught him with no trouble at all, since being a Communist he had never learned self defense. Hillary Lewis, Randall the Cool, and Lindsey Pilot paid him a fine sum. He bought DDR and never made anyone do another science warm-up again. In fact they all became best of friends! Now that Steve was locked away in a cell underground, doomed to play Paranoia Eternal on heavy for the rest of his life, the world would be at peace under the capitalist government of the Power Squad!

Steven Wright

My Uncle sent this to me a long time ago:

If you're not familiar with the work of Steven Wright, he's the guy who once said: "I woke up one morning and all of my stuff had been stolen...and replaced by exact duplicates."

His mind sees things differently than we do - to our amazement and amusement.
Here are some more of his gems:

I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Borrow money from pessimists - they don't expect it back.

Half the people you know are below average.

99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name.

42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good.

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.

All those who believe in psycho kinesis, raise my hand.

The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met.

OK, so what's the speed of dark?

How do you tell when you're out of invisible ink?

If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.

I intend to live forever - so far, so good.

If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

What happens if you get scared half to death twice?

My mechanic told me, "I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder."

Why do psychics have to ask you for your name?

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.

A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking.

Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it.

The hardness of the butter is proportional to the softness of the bread.

To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.

The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up.

The colder the x-ray table, the more of your body is required to be on it.

Everyone has a photographic memory, some just don't have film.

Mind Prober

On my computer we have a personality test that is super accurate. I took the test some years ago and decided to take it again this morning. Here are the results from when I took the test the first time:

Original Test:

What You See!

You are likely to see Hillary doing favors for those who are closest to her. She enjoys having the respect of others, and although she wants to have friends, she's far from being obsessed with what other people think of her. She gives everyone a fair chance to be her friend. In general, she is comfortable being in her own skin, and would not want to trade places with anyone.

What You Don't See!

The foundation of Hillary's private self is her inner sense of tranquility. She feels very much a part of her world, and correct within her peer group. This feeling serves her well in almost everything she does, and the only time she loses it is when she allows her inner self to be unduly influenced by the moods of others. But these disruptions last only as long as she is around other people. She will right herself as soon as she is back within the confines of her own group.

Bubbling Under the Surface!

Hillary seldom hates, but when she does, she only hates what everybody else does. For example, she is likely to have a strong dislike for the Ayatollah Khomeini and Colonel Khadaffi. She is not a person of strong intractable feelings. She would change her feelings quickly, for instance, if the United States signed a peace treaty with Iran.

Special Attractions

Hillary enjoys people who are just like her; friendly and stable. Living and working around such people not only helps her to maintain her even-handed perspective towards life, but also adds to her self-confidence.

Habits and Addictions

Things that are "different", bizarre or unpredictable threaten Hillary's sense of security more than they do other peoples'. Hillary feels most comfortable when she is blending in with the crowd. You'll see her wearing what is currently in style, behaving in socially acceptable ways, never calling attention to herself with eccentric habits. Hillary feels that what is good enough for other people suits her just fine. She cannot understand why anyone would want to be stared at. She is a totally social being, comfortable with the decisions of others on most issues and and has never seen any reason to question her lifestyle. The highest praise you can give Hillary is to call her a normal person.

Career Leanings

Hillary has never given a boss gray hair in her life. She has good, reliable work habits and performance, and gets along well with her fellow workers. She has the ability to fit into almost any work group, and is a good team player. As long as Hillary is treated fairly, she will fulfill her part of the employment bargain and perform her job well, if not brilliantly. Hillary experiences no extreme emotional highs and lows, so her productivity is steady. She is not given to rocking the office boat, and stays out of conflicts. Her views and opinions tend to go along with those of her fellow workers, and she is about the least likely employee rebel against office rules or make trouble.

How to Make Friends with Hillary

Once you learn what's important to Hillary, becoming her friend is a cinch. At the top of her priorities is acceptance by her crowd. Hillary is the type of person whose attitudes, likes and dislikes closely conform to those of her peers. That makes her an easy person to get to know if you are willing to become a natural part of her environment (e.g., live in the same neighborhood, work together, belong to the same club). Such people are usually friendly and liked by everybody around them and are active members of any group to which they belong. In fact, they identify so closely with those around them that their personality will sometimes even mirror the persona of the group as a whole.

How to Influence Hillary

Hillary is a relatively simple person to convince, if you remember one thing: tie the desired behavior or action to an appealing reward and the undesirable position or action to an aversive punishment. For example, if you are trying to get her to do a work task for you, convince her of the fun she'll have doing it. Remind her of how bored she will be if she doesn't do this work. Make sure when you set out to persuade her, you line up the related rewards to conform with the goal of your persuasion. Remember, she wants to see clearly what's in it for her, and if the advantages of your position include social acceptance or popularity, all the better.

Now here are the results from this morning...

Recent Test:

What You See!

Hillary may have the public image of a chameleon. She changes colors as necessary to blend into her environment. If her friends work hard and accept life as it comes, she will too. But if they are unhappy or chronically complaining, even their negative moods may influence her. Strangely enough, with this easily influenced personality, she remains fairly consistent when it comes to her inner emotions and values.

What You Don't See!

The foundation of Hillary's private self is her inner sense of tranquility. She feels very much a part of her world, and correct within her peer group. This feeling serves her well in almost everything she does, and the only time she loses it is when she allows her inner self to be unduly influenced by the moods of others. But these disruptions last only as long as she is around other people. She will right herself as soon as she is back within the confines of her own group.

Bubbling Under the Surface!

Hillary despises conflicts with others. She does not like to be confronted with anger, either her own or someone else's. She hates to rock the boat and seeks to end disagreements before they escalate. If this tactic fails, then she withdraws from the scene.

Special Attractions

Practicality is very important to Hillary. For instance, she is more likely to buy something if it is useful or durable, and she's certainly one to avoid that which is out-of-the-ordinary. She tries to maintain her basic level-headedness in every aspect of her sojourn through life.

What Dr. Freud Has to Say About Hillary

If Hillary is overly preoccupied about the health of someone and protecting her from illness, she may be demonstrating the defense mechanism of reaction formation. Here she covers up an underlying anger by acting out the opposite behavior.

Habits and Addictions

Originality is not Hillary's strong point and she likes it that way just fine. Let other people get all the attention and make fools of themselves if they like. Hillary is happy going along with popular opinion. In fact, Hillary literally is popular opinion. If you ask her her views on nearly any issue, you can be sure that a substantial percentage of people agree with her. Hillary craves and loves acceptance in the crowd, and her way ot achieve that is to row with the current, not against it.

Career Leanings

Hillary has never given a boss gray hair in her life. She has good, reliable work habits and performance, and gets along well with her fellow workers. She has the ability to fit into almost any work group, and is a good team player. As long as Hillary is treated fairly, she will fulfill her part of the employment bargain and perform her job well, if not brilliantly. Hillary experiences no extreme emotional highs and lows, so her productivity is steady. She is not given to rocking the office boat, and stays out of conflicts. Her views and opinions tend to go along with those of her fellow workers, and she is about the least likely employee rebel against office rules or make trouble.
How to Make Friends with Hillary

If making friends with Hillary is your goal, be prepared to share the same values as her peers, friends and family. At the very least, you'll need to act as if you enjoy doing the things that they like to do. Remember that Hillary is above all a socially sensitive person, eager to conform to the expectations and opinions of her crowd, her neighbors and others close to her. Don't expect her to venture off with you too far beyond the regular haunts of her friends, unless they are going off on their own accord. Hillary is a loyal group member who will rarely swim against the current of popular opinion; there is not a rebellious bone in her body. So be aware that conformity and acceptance are desirable behavior to her.

How to Influence Hillary

Hillary is your purely social animal; she is very obedient to authority and subservient to the will of the larger group. One technique that is likely to have positive results in persuading Hillary involves making an appeal to authority. For instance, you might refer to the President's energy conservation program before asking her to turn down the heat or air conditioning In a similar fashion, persuasion methods that involve identification with friends or people who Hillary admires are apt to be successful (e.g., Joe Montana eats this cereal or Cher made this perfume). If something is accepted by so-called authority figures than Hillary will have no trouble accepting it also.

July 17, 2005

Trek Clothes and Dance Fun

~Trek Clothes~
I finally decided to post the long awaited pictures of my two trek dresses. I made most of them myself with help from my Mom. I am now a sewing pro!

The top picture is my work outfit, or the outfit that I wore most of the time and the bottom is my "Sunday" outfit. Both of the dresses and bonnets come from the same pattern, and the apron if the same except we took a bit of creative license with the Sunday apron.

~The Dance~
As if trek wasn't enough excitement for one day, I and some friends went to the tri-stake dance on Saturday night. I called Lindsey, but she had work. Luckily Hannah could go

and I gave Josie a ride to and from as well.
It was a great dance. The music was the best of most of the dances so far and Hannah even did the Electric Slide with me.
After the dance my parents drove us home, but not after searching Redmond for Curry flavoring (which we never found) and being accused of holding a lengthy conversation with a Russian guy at a game store (it never happened!).

I guess that is all I have to say for now,

I'm Back...

Well, I am home from trek. It’s great to be home, able to shower and sleep in my own bed again, but it’s still a little weird. Maybe I just feel odd because I was up until 1:30 am, last night.
Lots of stuff seems to have happened while I was gone.
-My aunt had her baby, Rylee, who is super cute!
-Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out, and my family actually got it at midnight (a true first).
-I made money…I don’t know how, but there was quite a few ones sitting on my dresser when I came home.
-My friend got a heart, or at least a more sensitive one, minus the fact that she still doesn’t seem to like kids.
-Over a hundred people visited this blog. (Those fanlistings really do work!)
I guess that isn’t too much stuff, but it seems like a lot, especially in four days.
I am too tired right now to go any deeper on the subject, if it could get any deeper at all.

July 11, 2005

Books and Talks

Right now I am reading a great book called A Marvelous Work and a Wonder. It is a basic overview of the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, full of quotes, scriptures and all of that good stuff. It is about 28 chapters, but they are pretty easy to read and not that long. As far as I know, the only copy that the King County Library System has is in the Bellevue library; however you can always order books from another library.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who is a member of the Church, who is investigating the Church, or just wants to learn more. It is originally a reference for missionaries, but I think every member should read it.

Want to get this book from the library?
Want to buy this book online?

Yesterday, from the library at church, I borrowed a CD recording of a talk by Floyd Westin, called “The 17 Points of the True Church.” The speaker is talking about an experience that he his air force bound buddies had in college, where they went through the Bible and wrote down the things that a true church of Christ must have. After they compiled the list they went to many churches interviewing ministers and priests. At the time the young men began this project, none of them were member of the LDS church.
The talk was wonderful and I highly recommend it. It’s very informative and has several funny moments.
This talk is not available for purchase on Amazon, or for rental at the library, but you can probably get it at your meeting house’s library or from a store that sells Church items, such as Deseret or something. If I can find it I will post a link.

Over and Out,

July 8, 2005

The Power of the Church

I first read this while I was reading A Marvelous Work and a Wonder and I liked it, so I figured I would post it here. It is titled "A Catholic Utterance."

Many years ago a learned man, a member of the Roman Catholic Church, came to
Utah and spoke from the stand of the Salt Lake Tabernacle. I became
well-acquainted with him, and we conversed freely and frankly. A great scholar,
with perhaps a dozen languages at his tongue's end, he seemed to know all about
theology, law, literature, science and philosophy. One day he said to me: "You
Mormons are all ignoramuses. You don't even know the strength of your own
position. It is so strong that there is only one other tenable in the whole
Christian world, and that is the position of the Catholic Church. The issue is
between Catholicism and Mormonism. If we are right, you are wrong; if you are
right, we are wrong; and that's all there is to it. The Protestants haven't a
leg to stand on. For, if we are wrong, they are wrong with us, since they were a
part of us and went out from us; while if we are right, they are apostates whom
we cut off long ago. If we have the apostolic succession from St. Peter, as we
claim, there is no need of Joseph Smith and Mormonism; but if we have not that
succession, then such a man as Joseph Smith was necessary, and Mormonism's
attitude is the only consistent one. It is either the perpetuation of the gospel
from ancient times, or the restoration of the gospel in latter days."

I would be glad to read any comments on this subject.

I quoted this from the site:

I also found this, while reading online, and thought it was interesting:

"Dr. White," said Count Tolstoy, "I wish you would tell me about your American religion."
"We have no state church in America," replied Dr. White.
"I know that, but what about your American religion?"
Patiently then Dr. White explained to the Count that in America there are many religions,
and that each person is free to belong to the particular church in which he is interested.
To this Tolstoy impatiently replied: "I know all of this, but I want to know about the American religion. Catholicism originated in Rome; the Episcopal Church originated in England; the Lutheran Church in Germany, but the Church to which I refer originated in America, and is commonly known as the
Mormon Church. What can you tell me of the teachings of the Mormons?"
"Well," said Dr. White, "I know very little concerning them. They have an unsavory reputation, they practice polygamy, and are very superstitious." Then Count
Leo Tolstoy, in his honest and stern, but lovable, manner, rebuked the

"Dr. White, I am greatly surprised and disappointed that a man of
your great learning and position should be so ignorant on this important
subject. The Mormon people teach the American religion; their principles teach
the people not only of Heaven and its attendant glories, but how to live so that
their social and economic relations with each other are placed on a sound basis.
If the people follow the teachings of this Church, nothing can stop their
progress -- it will be limitless. There have been great movements started in the
past but they have died or been modified before they reached maturity. If
Mormonism is able to endure, unmodified, until it reaches the third and fourth
generation, it is destined to become the greatest power the world has ever

Anyway, I got this from:

July 3, 2005

Pitty? Why?

Whenever I tell people that I don't curse, date (or have any relationships), do things on Sunday, or that I go to seminary before school, why do they always try to show pity on me? I choose to live that way. I am very happy this way. Look at the bright side, I don't need anything like drugs, swearing or love to make me happy. I, like every other Molly Mormon and Peter Pristhood, am high on life. Just reading the scriptures and knowing God's plan make me happy enough and replace every other type of false joy.
I don't need alcohol,
I don't need violence,
I don't need drugs,
I don't need romance,
I don't need R rated stuff,
All I need is good clean fun,
And that does not include your faux pitty...

Anyway, I guess that is my rant today...*crickets*

June 30, 2005

New Era Poster Lessons: The Atonement

What separates Christianity from other religions of Abrahamic decent? It is the fact that they believe in a Messiah that has already come, preformed miracles and been put to death. Though all Christians agree on this common standard, the different beliefs may seem jumbled while looking deeper.
In reality, Christ was chosen before the world began. He was chosen to take a main role in the leading of His Father’s children (you and I) back to their home in Heaven based on their faithfulness. While Lucifer’s plan was to force us all to do right, so that all of us could return home, Jesus advocated a plan that would not defy the eternal laws of free agency. In the end (or the beginning, I guess) Jesus was chosen and we came to earth. When Jesus finally came, after thousands of years of prophecy, he provided a perfect example and hope to all who believed in him. He also gave us something that nobody else could provide: freedom from our sins.
In his suffering, beginning initially in Gethsemane, he paid the price for all of the sins of the world, from those that had already been committed, to those yet to come. Not only did he suffer for our sins, but for our suffering as well. He suffered for our sorrows and pains, both physical and mental, taking on all of our burdens. The stress of the pains was so tremendous that it caused him physical anguish, dispensing blood from every pore in his body. Following his suffering in Gethsemane, Christ suffered many other afflictions, and eventually death.
Because of the love shown by Christ Jesus, all sins, except for blasphemy against the Holy Ghost (see Matt. 12:31), can be forgiven if we take the time to repent. It is through true repentance that we can be saved, all thanks to the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

See Also:,8672,858-1,00.html,8672,889-1,00.html

If you don’t understand anything, need clarification, or just want to talk, feel free to leave a comment.

Ann Coulter

One of my favorite conservative authors. I was crusin' the web today and found her latest article. It was quite thought provoking. If anyone would like to read it it can be found at . The article is titled "Thou Shalt Not Commit Religion." I am not going to post the whole article here, but I will post the last few paragraphs:

That's the America you live in! A country founded on a compact with God,
forged from the idea that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain
inalienable rights is now a country where taxpayers can be forced to subsidize
"artistic" exhibits of aborted fetuses. But don't start thinking about putting
up a Ten Commandments display. That's offensive!
I don't want to hear any jabberwocky from the Court TV amateurs about "the
establishment of religion." (1) A Ten Commandments monument does not establish a
religion. (2) The First Amendment prohibits Congress from making any law
"respecting" an establishment of religion — meaning Congress cannot
make a
law establishing a religion, nor can it make a law prohibiting the states from
establishing a religion. We've been through this a million times.
Now the
Supreme Court is itching to ban the Pledge of Allegiance because of its
offensive reference to one nation "under God." (Perhaps that "God" stuff could
be replaced with a vulgar sexual reference.) But with the court looking like a
geriatric ward these days, they don't want to alarm Americans right before a
battle over the next Supreme Court nominee. Be alarmed. This is what it's about.

Anyway, I just had to post that because I thought it was cool. If you have anything to say just leave a comment.
TTYL everyone,

June 27, 2005


Now it is time for my religious survey! Yay! All you have to do is post a reply and answer the questions. Don’t feel like you have to answer them all, just whatever ones you are comfortable with. Once again, thank you for you time. I swear, all of these crazy surveys will have something to do with some posts, honestly.

1. Do you believe in a supreme being or beings?

2. Do you believe in an afterlife?

3. Do you believe in a pre-mortal life?

4. What religion (if any) do you associate yourself with? If Christian, please specify if you can.

5. What are some other particulars of what you believe?

6. Do you have an organized book of scripture?

7. Do you meet with a religious group (Ex. Go to church) at least once a week? Once a month? A few times a year?

8. What are your views on the separation of religion and state?

9. Do you feel that your religious beliefs have an affect on the way you lean politically?

-For Christians (or anyone else who wants to answer)-

10. Do you believe in the Trinity?

11. Do you believe in Sola Scripture?

12. What are your views on salvation? (A little broad, I know)

13. What are your views on baptism?

14. What are your views on the priesthood?

Thank you for your time, have an awesome day!

BTW: If you haven’t answered my political survey, you can find it here:

E-mail Surveys

Here is one of those surveys you get in E-mails from your friends. I figured I would actually answer one and here it is...

[1] First grade teacher's name: Mrs. Boil
[2] Last word you said: Hi
[3] Last song you sang: “Under the Sea” from the Little Mermaid.
[4] Last person you hugged: Erm…my Mom?
[5] Last thing you laughed at: Governor Rickets, Captain Scurvy, and Beriberi San.
[7] Last time you cried: Can’t remember.
[8] What's in your CD player: My CD player busted today so I am using my sister’s which has “Saturday’s Warrior” in it.
[9] What color socks are you wearing: None
[10] What's under your bed: I trundle bed.
[11] What time did you wake up today: 7:30 am
[12] Current taste: Roast Beef
[13] Current hair: Top in a ponytail.
[14] Current clothes: A dark green “Old Navy” shirt and blue sweats.
[15] Current annoyance: My bangs are super long.
[16] Current longing: My own CD player.
[17] Current desktop picture: Jon Peter Lewis…ahhh…
[18] Current worry: Trek outfits.
[19] Current hate: I’ll keep that to myself.
[20] Current favorite article of clothing: The shirt I am wearing right now.
[21] Favorite physical feature of the opposite sex: Eyes, mouth and wrists.
[22] Last CD that you listened to: Saturday’s Warrior
[23] Favorite place to be: On stage, or in a park.
[24] Least favorite place: School
[25] Time you wake up in the morning: About 10:00 during the summer.
[26] If you could play an instrument, what would you play: The harp.
[27] Favorite color: Pink or blue.
[28] Do you believe in an afterlife: Yes
[29] How tall are you: 5’4”
[30] Current favorite word/saying: I don’t really have one.
[31] Favorite book: “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”
[32] Favorite season: Summer
[33] One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: Stefan K.

[[[ FUTURE ]]]
[35] Where do you want to go:
[36] What is your career going to be like: A dance teacher, or member of a company.
[37] How many kids do you want: The key word here is want. 14-16 kids.
[38] What kind of car will you have: One of those “Shopper Hopper” busses (repainted).

[39]Gotten in a fight w/your dog/cat/bird/fish?: No…
[40] Been to New York?: Yes.
[41]Been to Florida?: No
[42]Hawaii?: No
[43] Mexico?: No
[44]China?: No way.
[45]Canada?: Yes.
[46]Danced naked: Not that I can remember.
[47] Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened: Oh yeah, it was weird.
[48]Wanted to be the opposite sex: No.

[49]Do you have a crush on someone?: Yup.
[50]What are you reading now?: The Connection
[51]Worst feeling in the world: Being groggy.
[52] What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?: Me? Think in the morning? You’ve got to be kidding.
[53] How many rings before you answer?: One (if it’s the right guy).
[54] Future daughter's name: Morgan Jochebed
[55] Future son's name: Samuel Peter
[56] Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: Tons of them.
[57] If you could have any job you wanted, what would it be? President
[58] Are you a lefty, righty or ambidextrous?: Left handed.
[59] College plans: Still planning…
[60] Where do you want to live: Texas or Utah.
[61] Piercings: One set in my ear lobes.

[62] Do you do drugs?: Heck no!
[63]Do you drink?: Kool-Aid
[64] Who are your best friends?: Whoever isn’t getting on my nerves.
[65] What are you most scared of?: Oh the list goes on…
[67] What clothes do you sleep in?: Pajamas
[68] Who is the last person that called you?: Shayla
[69] Where do you want to get married?: Anywhere with a temple would do.

June 23, 2005

It's Over!

Sweet apricot, school is finally out! This year has been insane and stressful. I am excited for summer; then again I won't be able to google over "Philipe’s" stupidity, or listen to Luke's witticisms. I won't be able to laugh while my math class worships Randall, the class clown. For the most part high school was a bummer, but I met lots of new people, some good, some not so good. I wish I could make a web-shrine to all of them, who knows, maybe I will when I get bored.

Yesterday I went to a little "school's out" party, hosted by Chelsea (thanks a ton!). Hannah, Lindsey, Cheslea Rothgeb, Kyle, David and another girl named Didier (sorry if I butchered the spelling) were there as well. We all played Karaoke Revolution, DDR, and ate brownies. I was real glad that Steve and Eric weren't there, they bug me a lot. David and Kyle, however, don't bother me as much. They seem to at least TRY and exhort some self control and I give them kudos for that.

After I came home from my party I went to my dress rehearsal for my matinee performance of “The Wizard of Oz.” It’s really coming along. Those super little kids were very stage-shocked though…it was a little funny. Tonight I am going again for the evening performance dress rehearsal.
I really like my costumes. My pointe one includes my pancake tutu from last year with a new shinny overlay, and a pink leotard with sequins and stuff. My ballet 4 costume is a lovely white dress with a blue part on the top, and a sparkly headpiece. I better sew the elastics on my new flats today so I can wear them in a bit.
I really like everyone’s costumes, especially the flying monkeys. They sure have the scariness down. I think the “tree” dance and the advanced tap dance are some of the neatest.
If anyone wants to see, you can buy tickets on Saturday, the 25th at Mount Si High School. I think the performance starts at 7:00 pm, but I am not sure so I will get back to you with the times.

Today I woke up at 11:10…ah so nice! I feel very well rested. I do have a mini To-Do list for today though:
-Clean my fish tank.
-Sew my ballet slippers.
-Send Ashley her yearbook.

I have also been thinking about what I want to do this summer. I have a long list for that, but I guess it’s worth posting some of them.
-Finish reading the Bible.
-Read other books: “The Connection”, “Peace Kills”, and “Mormon Doctrine” to name a few.
-Write in my journal, including answering some of the questions from “To Our Children’s Children”.
-Complete two “Value Projects” and several value experiences.
I have a lot more, but I guess they are a little more personal, and this isn’t the proper forum to share them in.

Well I have to get going.
See ya,

June 17, 2005

Freshman No More!!!

Only three more days of school left this year, all of which are half days (and finals, but I won't talk about that)! I am still going to be a little busy though, due to ballet, which doesn't end until the 25. This year we are doing a proformance of the Wizard of Oz. I am a snoflake (the poppy scene) and a fairy (from when Dorthy first lands in Oz). Even after ballet and school, I still have to make my trek stuff. Two dresses, two bonnets, and two aprons. Man-o-man am I going to be busy.
Anyway I made one of those MSN MySpace deals. It's pretty spiffy. I am still going to post on here the most though.
See Y'all Later,
Paige-The Sophmore

June 15, 2005

The Irony of Shakespear as in "Romeo and Juliet"

Romeo and Juliet, a theatrical production written by William Shakespeare, sometime in the late 1590s, could very well be his most famous writing of all time. Few other pieces of great literature are known throughout the Western world by not only adults, but young school children. By the time we reach second and third grade we have all learned the basic story, that a man and a woman fell in love, got married and then killed themselves. While many details, both minor and major are left out of the story the children still know it. However, they don’t know it well enough, because it is required for deeper study and evaluation in high school. Hence the reason for this paper. To show that I have learned enough about Romeo and Juliet to make any progression in today’s high-tech scientific and mathematically oriented world.

The popularity and fame of Romeo and Juliet can all be attributed to its intense use of dramatic irony. Shakespeare constantly kept his audience on the edge of their seats by telling them more about the plot than he did the characters in the play. Misunderstanding is the general basis of the story, and is signified in many scenes by many of the characters in the play. It is his extensive use of irony both in Romeo and Juliet and many of his other stage productions that led William Shakespeare to fame.

Dramatic irony can easily be described as a point in a dramatic production, such as a stage play, in which the audience knows more than they character onstage does. Shakespeare did this by setting up a number of scenes that included a variety of monologues, or dialogue in which one character may be talking to themselves, and asides, a short conversation to the audience that the other characters are not intended to hear. Dramatic irony can be used to give the audience a more active feeling in what is taking place onstage. Furthermore, it provides a sense of excitement, as the plot deepens to a point where the characters onstage cannot seem to handle it any longer.

Two of the most prominent scenes using dramatic irony, can include the scenes in which Balthasar informs Romeo of Juliet’s “death” before Friar Lawrence’s letter reaches him, or the scene where Romeo carefully claims his loving kinship of Tybalt. Though many other scenes use dramatic irony, these two stand out the most due to their deepening of the plot. Both scenes lead the characters to take rash action that later causes regret and permanent damage both families. For example in the scene with Tybalt and Romeo, Romeo has just gotten back from his wedding with Juliet to find his good friend Mercutio and his enemy Tybalt preparing to fight. Tybalt, who is angry with Romeo, sees him and demands a duel, to which Romeo responds, “Tybalt, the reason that I have to love thee doth much excuse the appertaining rage to such greeting.” Here, Romeo is telling Tybalt that he doesn’t have a choice but to love him. Tybalt then, not knowing why Romeo has said what he just said, continues to harass Romeo, further demanding that the fight be settled. Again, Romeo insists that he loves Tybalt “better than thou canst devise.” After this Mercutio steps in to fight in place of Romeo and the duel brawl moves along. This seemingly small misunderstanding further drives Tybalt to anger and he thus kills Mercutio. This in turn angers Romeo, and in spite of his kinship to him, kills Tybalt. This example shows how one small misunderstanding can lead to great turns within the plot.

The next area of misunderstanding and possibly the largest in the entire play begins when Balthasar catches a glimpse of Juliet’s funeral and perceives her to be dead. He quickly runs to Romeo, who has not yet received the message from Friar Lawrence, and informs him of his love. The shocked Romeo travels to Verona, on the way purchasing a vial of poison. When he enters to tomb where he finds Juliet, who in reality is just sleeping, he begins to mourn for her death. Just before she awakens he drinks the poison and dies, thus completing the greatest misunderstanding of all. As the friar enters the sepulcher after speaking with Balthasar, he senses this and says, “Fear comes upon me. O, much I fear some ill unthrifty thing.” He then continues to find Romeo dead and Juliet waking up. From then on, fate takes over, and as Juliet finds her lover dead she takes his knife and stabs herself to complete the curse of hatred on the Capulet and Montague families.

Romeo and Juliet gained its fame from these and several other misunderstandings, and uses of dramatic irony. Misunderstandings that capture our senses enough to cause us to pass on the story on for centuries. The same misunderstandings that have caused the story to be named “the greatest love story of all time”, and earned William Shakespeare a spot in today’s literary hall of fame as one of the best writers of all time.

June 14, 2005

Mormon Persecution in the USA

In the year 1820 a young boy claimed that through prayer he had seen a vision in which he saw God and Jesus Christ. Many rejected his claim stating that he was merely a boy with a large imagination, or that a vision of such consequence could not occur in the modern world. Despite the constant dismissal he received from ministers and preachers of the time the faith grew. Through the faith and hard work of the family and friends of Joseph Smith a church had begun. As members began joining the church many non believers became worried, and regardless of the first amendment in the Bill of Rights, religious based attacks began. These attacks were based on the fact that the people, in general, were different culturally then the rest of the United States. Their interpretation of Christianity was different then the other churches of the time, and their beliefs of how the country should operate were nearly the opposite of their home statesmen’s ideas. This instilled great fear into great fear of economic and social overpowering into the minds of the western natives. Though some fears and accusations had their place, all were “punished” in rash, inappropriate ways, to the extent of a Mormon expulsion from the state of Missouri.

Reasons Why Non-Mormons Disliked the Mormons
The persecution started as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nicknamed Mormons, began settling together in communities. These communities were commonly looked down upon by the Missourian, Ohioan, and Illinoisan natives because they felt that they were being “taken over” and feared that they would spread. In addition they disliked the social differences that began to occur. The Mormons were anti-slavery, a large jump from their pro-slavery neighbors, the people of Missouri. They feared a bloc vote would endanger the chances of them continuing the practice of slavery or changing other laws that were split between the two groups. Aside from that the Mormons generally did business amongst themselves. Their belief that the Native Americans were dissenters from an ancient tribe of the America’s, called the Lamanites, also conflicted with the norm of American society and as the government believed, posed a threat of inciting a much feared “Indian War”. The non Mormon people were already angered by these changes they feared would come upon their home, that when the news stating that the Mormons had revived the outlawed principal of polygamy, the act of a man having more than one wife at one time, they were infuriated. Though at the time, only a select few were permitted to practice polygamy it was assumed by many non-members that many more men were practicing it. It was polygamy that bothered many people of the United States, namely the Missourians. They felt it was disrespectful towards the women of the society and felt it infringed on the rights of Americans. This soon launches a series of personal and militia based attacks between the Missourians and the Mormons, known as the Mormon war.

Mormon Cities and Militias
In the mid 1930s the Mormons were chased out of their homes in Missouri by mobs. The constant mob harassment drove the Mormons to the east. They settled in an area of Caldwell County, Illinois that was presented to the Mormons for settlement by the government in 1936. Here they flourished in a city the city Far West. With permission from the state Joseph Smith organized a militia to protect the Mormon population from mob attacks. The rumors of a growing Mormon militia gave many local residents fear of an attack or civil war in the state. As the militia grew, so did the mob. Men waiting outside of Far West wanted to be ready for any threat of an attack from the Mormons, until finely the dam broke and a chain of attacks launched at both Mormons and non-Mormons erupted, harming vast amounts of Mormon property.

Attacks on Mormons
In Mormon cities, such as Far West, Nauvoo and Haun’s Mill, mobs would ride through regularly harming the residents of the cities. Mormons were often beaten, raped, threatened, and killed during these “raids”. Another fairly common event, tarring and feathering, consisted of pouring hot tar on a person and plastering them with feathers. The tar would dry with the feathers on the skin and clothes making the tar painful to remove, often ripping top layers of the skin off. In Mosiah Hancock’s journal he illustrates several assaults that he viewed. He wrote that he “saw a thing in the shape of a man grab an infant from its mother’s arms and dash its brains out against a tree.” He continues to describe a number of barbaric instances including a time when he was caught by a group of men, as a child, and beaten upon leaving him near death, as well as the murders a couple of his younger siblings. After the Mormon militia was disarmed the mobs didn’t stop. Hancock and others describe the horrors of that night as the mobs raged through town harassing women and killing children as the men were held in town square. He says that, “They shot the children because they said that ‘Nits make lice.’”
In the city of Haun’s Mill the worst occurred. Where after the order of extermination was received from Governor Boggs was attacked, brutally killing half of the small town’s population. Many reports including that of a young child with their head blown off, and an elderly man who, when putting out a fire on his property, was shot and cut into pieces with a knife.
Not long after these many assaults the Mormons began packing what they had left, some into covered wagons but most into handcarts, a small wagon that had to be hand pushed, leaving their land and cities that they had built up from scratch to find their own land.

Recent Times
After several statehood rejections of Utah, requiring them to cease the practice of polygamy, Utah became a state in 1986. They were allowed only to join the nation when Willford Woodruff set fourth a declaration to the members of the church stating that any new polygamous marriages would result in church discipline, or in other words, excommunication. Along with bringing a new state into our society they have influence the culture with the amount of people who attend BYU Utah every year.
In the 1970s the extermination order was finally lifted and Mormons could finely live in Missouri with the law on their side. Until that time any Mormon could be legally murdered, suffering no punishment. Now both Mormons and other non-Mormons live together in harmony is just about every area of the United States.

With the driving of the Mormons from Missouri an entire state was shaped culturally. As the Mormons traveled westward they blazed new trails, over plains and mountains, across rivers filled with rapids or frozen with ice. Along the way they built temporary settlements to house other Mormons that would soon follow the path. Winter Quarters, a community used to protect pioneers from the cold winters, included farms and food storage as well as housing that were used to support Mormon pioneers forced across the plains in the dead of winter. These settlements and trails were later used by land and gold seeking pioneers who were traveling to the Northwest Territory. As the Mormons became settled they became friendly with the Native Americans of the area. This alliance provided them with needed help in the new land. Through trading and treating them with respect the pioneers gained the knowledge the needed to transform the parched desert into a spectacular city filled with impressive temples and magnificent city buildings. The people spread out and created smaller communities. Farms stretched across the once barren land, providing the inhabitants with a surplus of food. Their economy flourished as Oregon bound pioneers purchased food and supplies from the only stores for miles. Helping these earnest settlers across the expanses of desert and plains they helped to build the northwest as well. Without the help many other pioneers may have perished leaving the west to be settled slower or not at all.