June 17, 2005

Freshman No More!!!

Only three more days of school left this year, all of which are half days (and finals, but I won't talk about that)! I am still going to be a little busy though, due to ballet, which doesn't end until the 25. This year we are doing a proformance of the Wizard of Oz. I am a snoflake (the poppy scene) and a fairy (from when Dorthy first lands in Oz). Even after ballet and school, I still have to make my trek stuff. Two dresses, two bonnets, and two aprons. Man-o-man am I going to be busy.
Anyway I made one of those MSN MySpace deals. It's pretty spiffy. I am still going to post on here the most though.
See Y'all Later,
Paige-The Sophmore

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