June 23, 2005

It's Over!

Sweet apricot, school is finally out! This year has been insane and stressful. I am excited for summer; then again I won't be able to google over "Philipe’s" stupidity, or listen to Luke's witticisms. I won't be able to laugh while my math class worships Randall, the class clown. For the most part high school was a bummer, but I met lots of new people, some good, some not so good. I wish I could make a web-shrine to all of them, who knows, maybe I will when I get bored.

Yesterday I went to a little "school's out" party, hosted by Chelsea (thanks a ton!). Hannah, Lindsey, Cheslea Rothgeb, Kyle, David and another girl named Didier (sorry if I butchered the spelling) were there as well. We all played Karaoke Revolution, DDR, and ate brownies. I was real glad that Steve and Eric weren't there, they bug me a lot. David and Kyle, however, don't bother me as much. They seem to at least TRY and exhort some self control and I give them kudos for that.

After I came home from my party I went to my dress rehearsal for my matinee performance of “The Wizard of Oz.” It’s really coming along. Those super little kids were very stage-shocked though…it was a little funny. Tonight I am going again for the evening performance dress rehearsal.
I really like my costumes. My pointe one includes my pancake tutu from last year with a new shinny overlay, and a pink leotard with sequins and stuff. My ballet 4 costume is a lovely white dress with a blue part on the top, and a sparkly headpiece. I better sew the elastics on my new flats today so I can wear them in a bit.
I really like everyone’s costumes, especially the flying monkeys. They sure have the scariness down. I think the “tree” dance and the advanced tap dance are some of the neatest.
If anyone wants to see, you can buy tickets on Saturday, the 25th at Mount Si High School. I think the performance starts at 7:00 pm, but I am not sure so I will get back to you with the times.

Today I woke up at 11:10…ah so nice! I feel very well rested. I do have a mini To-Do list for today though:
-Clean my fish tank.
-Sew my ballet slippers.
-Send Ashley her yearbook.

I have also been thinking about what I want to do this summer. I have a long list for that, but I guess it’s worth posting some of them.
-Finish reading the Bible.
-Read other books: “The Connection”, “Peace Kills”, and “Mormon Doctrine” to name a few.
-Write in my journal, including answering some of the questions from “To Our Children’s Children”.
-Complete two “Value Projects” and several value experiences.
I have a lot more, but I guess they are a little more personal, and this isn’t the proper forum to share them in.

Well I have to get going.
See ya,

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