June 12, 2005

The Lost Battalion

Here is a report on character traits...yup.

Many character traits were displayed by all of the characters in the movie The Lost Battalion, but overall there were three very important ones. They are responsibility, cooperation, and respect. These traits are important because many characters showed them throughout the entire show. Without them the idea would have fallen apart, and it would just be a bunch of people fighting for and hour and a half. It is not just those themes that are important though, it is the characters and what they did that built it.
Responsibility is the first trait. Though many of the characters demonstrated this trait, two stand out the most. The first person was Private Chinn. Chinn showed responsibility by doing the job that was given to him (to work the radio), and he continued to do so even when he had to be separated from the rest of the battalion. He also didn’t give up and leave his post, even when the wire had been cut and danger threatened his life. The second person who showed responsibility was Krotoshinsky. He showed responsibility when he volunteered to leave for help, all by himself, when he knew that there was a lot of risk. Secondly he carried out his duty. He didn’t let his fear get to him, and he eventually brought back help and much needed backup. Those two people, Private Chinn, and Private Krotoshinsky, showed responsibility, and did things that most people in the same situations wouldn’t have done.
The second personality trait is cooperation. Private Lapasti often showed cooperation in many ways. One particular time he acted as a distraction to a German sniper, so that one of his fellow soldiers could shoot him. He was also a runner, delivering messages to and from Private Chinn. Another person who showed cooperation was Private Yoder. Yoder always used his sharp shooting skills to help in the group fight. He also always had a bright outlook on things, even though his companions gave him a hard time. Without cooperation the battalion would have fallen apart, but with everyone working together they made it through.
The final trait is respect. One person to show respect was Major Whittlesey. He was always trying to find ways to keep all of the men safe from harm. He also thought that they deserved more credit than he or any of the generals because f what they put up with, and had to see, and do. Just as Major Whittlesey had respect for his men, they had respect for him. They always did their best, and contributed to the group effort. They didn’t disobey him, and they tried to help with all they could. They also didn’t give up because they knew he could pull them through.
It is these three traits, and all of the many characters who practice them, as well as the many others who made the movie what it was. All of the characters showing respect, responsibility, and cooperation in their own way at one point or another.

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