June 30, 2005

New Era Poster Lessons: The Atonement

What separates Christianity from other religions of Abrahamic decent? It is the fact that they believe in a Messiah that has already come, preformed miracles and been put to death. Though all Christians agree on this common standard, the different beliefs may seem jumbled while looking deeper.
In reality, Christ was chosen before the world began. He was chosen to take a main role in the leading of His Father’s children (you and I) back to their home in Heaven based on their faithfulness. While Lucifer’s plan was to force us all to do right, so that all of us could return home, Jesus advocated a plan that would not defy the eternal laws of free agency. In the end (or the beginning, I guess) Jesus was chosen and we came to earth. When Jesus finally came, after thousands of years of prophecy, he provided a perfect example and hope to all who believed in him. He also gave us something that nobody else could provide: freedom from our sins.
In his suffering, beginning initially in Gethsemane, he paid the price for all of the sins of the world, from those that had already been committed, to those yet to come. Not only did he suffer for our sins, but for our suffering as well. He suffered for our sorrows and pains, both physical and mental, taking on all of our burdens. The stress of the pains was so tremendous that it caused him physical anguish, dispensing blood from every pore in his body. Following his suffering in Gethsemane, Christ suffered many other afflictions, and eventually death.
Because of the love shown by Christ Jesus, all sins, except for blasphemy against the Holy Ghost (see Matt. 12:31), can be forgiven if we take the time to repent. It is through true repentance that we can be saved, all thanks to the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

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