July 18, 2005

American Idol Theories: Math Class

Here is a theory Hannah made up about Randall (Adam), from my math class:

The American Idols theories
Randall walks into the stage room where he sees our three favorite judges.
"So what will you be singing today?" Simon asks in that monotone voice
"Your mom will be singing today" Randall goes off into a laughing fit while the judges stare at each other with black faces.
Randall decides that the song for him is going to be some song he learned in German class.
As Randall sings in German the judges state at each other again.
"So how did I do, better than your mom!"
"Umm that was horrible singing and it was in a different language," Randy says still puzzled why he was singing in German.
"Your mom is a horrible German singer,"
"Hon, I thought it was really pure German," Paula says in her pushover voice.
"your mom is pure,"
"That was just ghastly with a capital G" Simon says as he starts to crack up.
"Well your mom is ghastly"
"Umm I think we can all say its defiantly a no," By this time Randy was getting annoyed at the jokes
"Well your mom is a no," Randall says as he walks out of the door into the hallways.

That is so Randall.
Here is one I wrote about Curtle:

Curtis walked into the room pumped and ready to go.
“A’ight,” He said smiling, “what do I do here?” The judges just stared at him.
“This is a singing competition, you sing a song.” Simon said bluntly.
“Whoa!” Curtis said making stop signals with his hands, “Settle! Nobody ever told me about this one.”
“How could you not know dawg?” Randy questioned.
“Hmmm…maybe I should sing something.” Curtis said.
“Go ahead.” Simon motioned as he spoke. Curtis took a deep breath and started singing, but he couldn’t keep from laughing,
“Did you ever know that you’re my heeeee-roooooo! *snortlaughspit* You’re everything I wish…phfffff...” he cracked up. Simon just sat back and sighed.
“I just don’t know if you’re right for this competition.” Paula finally said.
“What do you mean?” Curtis said.
“It’s horrific.” Simon said.
“Hey…I think I’m starting to see a pattern here.” Curtis said grinning.
“I say no, man, no.” Randy decided.
“Yup. Definitely, a pattern. Totally saw that one coming.”
“A pattern?” Simon said, slightly amused.
“Yes sir. I am good at patterns. Especially the random ones.”
“I’m not even going to ask.” Simon said motioning for him to leave. Paula leaned up over the table.
“Your not too bad honey, just not for us. I like the way your socks match my necklace though.”
“Like I said, a pattern, a pattern!” Curtis walked out.

It's not as good, but oh well. I guess nobody ever made one for Justin, poor kid.

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