July 3, 2005

Pitty? Why?

Whenever I tell people that I don't curse, date (or have any relationships), do things on Sunday, or that I go to seminary before school, why do they always try to show pity on me? I choose to live that way. I am very happy this way. Look at the bright side, I don't need anything like drugs, swearing or love to make me happy. I, like every other Molly Mormon and Peter Pristhood, am high on life. Just reading the scriptures and knowing God's plan make me happy enough and replace every other type of false joy.
I don't need alcohol,
I don't need violence,
I don't need drugs,
I don't need romance,
I don't need R rated stuff,
All I need is good clean fun,
And that does not include your faux pitty...

Anyway, I guess that is my rant today...*crickets*


Moishers said...

I can't agree more. What people don't realize, is that we have more freedom in not choosing to do the bad things. I am also glad that I have those same exact standards!

Omlete said...

I do agree with the clean fun part, I'm trying not to swear anymore because I can see how it makes some uncomfertable.(sp?) I don't do drugs, I don't like violence, I don't like romance, and prefer other things to R rated sutff. I don't think people should put pity on religion.

Paige said...

Yup. In most cases the person in choosing to live the way they do. It's nothing to feel bad for.

Moishers said...

Yeah, and just think, we will be able to already decide ourselves that we will not do those things, and it will be much easier!