July 17, 2005

Trek Clothes and Dance Fun

~Trek Clothes~
I finally decided to post the long awaited pictures of my two trek dresses. I made most of them myself with help from my Mom. I am now a sewing pro!

The top picture is my work outfit, or the outfit that I wore most of the time and the bottom is my "Sunday" outfit. Both of the dresses and bonnets come from the same pattern, and the apron if the same except we took a bit of creative license with the Sunday apron.

~The Dance~
As if trek wasn't enough excitement for one day, I and some friends went to the tri-stake dance on Saturday night. I called Lindsey, but she had work. Luckily Hannah could go

and I gave Josie a ride to and from as well.
It was a great dance. The music was the best of most of the dances so far and Hannah even did the Electric Slide with me.
After the dance my parents drove us home, but not after searching Redmond for Curry flavoring (which we never found) and being accused of holding a lengthy conversation with a Russian guy at a game store (it never happened!).

I guess that is all I have to say for now,

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