July 25, 2005

Trek: Day One

Trek: Day 1
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

We had to be at the church at 8:45 am, in our trek outfits (work clothes). My mom was going to drive some kids to the place where the whole stake was supposed to meet, but there were plenty of cars so she didn’t have to.
Before we left North Bend my car stopped at the Chevron station to get some drinks. It felt off going into a store with our costumes on, and I am sure the girl who was in line behind us felt just as odd about being near us.
It was a very long drive, but eventually we got to the place we were supposed to be. We were given a color and a number and then we checked in. After checking in, we ate the lunch we had packed and had a sort of “opening exercises” thing.
Next we got sorted into our families. I was in the red company (there were three companies, red, green and blue) and the Ross family. Since nobody in our family knew each other, we had to introduce ourselves and memorize each others names. We had five girls: Maribel (Moe), Sarah, Rachelle (she had a twin in another family, and it got a little crazy), Shelby, and me, and we had four boys: Ben, Ethan, Jordan and Logan (Lagoon/Goon).
Once we all knew each other’s names we worked on packing our hand cart. Luckily the first time was the hardest and we got quicker, because that took about a half hour to forty-five minutes alone. After we had packed we had a family meeting and decided to adopt a “baby” and nominate a “big brother” and “big sister.” Our baby (which was a bag of wheat that had been drawn on) had girly eyes and hair, but it was really a boy named Luke. It weighed about 7 ½ pounds and couldn’t be set in the hand cart or on the ground at any time.
After the green company had left we lined up to leave next. Moe and I started out as pushers, which is really one of the hardest positions because you can’t see anything that is coming. It wasn’t until after we had started up the steep hill that we got to switch and move to the front to pull on the side bars.
The first hill was the hardest, as the wheels would occasionally get caught on rocks and the hill seemed nearly vertical. Once we had reached the top, tough, it was awesome, because we got to go up to a cross and look out over where we had come. We took a little water and bathroom break and continued on our way. The next few miles weren’t that bad, because it was mostly flat, but soon it became rocky and slightly steeper. We had to had to have two boys that would just turn the wheels as they got caught on huge rocks. This lasted for several miles, somewhere in the middle having a break. After our break we had to unpack our handcarts for our shawls and coats ( a huge pain) and then we continued on. The best part was that I got to be a plusher, a word my group made up for the people who push on the main bar in front of the hand cart. Logan and I pushed that until some adults said that the people who were supposed to be pulling the rope, and the piece of wood we had tied it around, weren’t really pulling. We traded with them and since we were so close behind the group in front of us we pretty much just walked, occasionally speeding up to tail-gate the cart in front of us (who I guess Logan knew).
We all kept going until really late into the night, about 11:00 pm or so. We set up our camp, in the dark, which was a couple of tarps and our sleeping bags and went to sleep. When the food had finally arrived it was about 1:00 am or so and most of our family wouldn’t wake up so those of us who were awake, Ben, Rachelle, Sarah our Pa and I, all got second of broth and rolls. I just had two rolls, on account of me not liking broth.

Well that was day one of trek, right there. A long day, since I have been up since about 5:00 am or so.

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Madia said...

wow sounds like fun....come to think of it, i've never been on a trek before....:(