August 31, 2005

Service with a Wink

New Era, January 2005
By Megan Willis

The summer before my junior year of high school, I took my first job as a cashier at a fast-food restaurant. The first couple of days were a little shaky. But as time passed, I became one of the fastest button pushers and food gatherers you’ve ever seen.

One day halfway through the summer, it seemed like nothing was going right. Some orders had come out wrong, and the customers were not happy. I had been yelled at more than once. Several times, customers demanded to see my manager. I worried that this one bad day would get me fired.

Soon after the crowds had gone, two young boys came in. When I read their order back to them, the older boy used the Lord’s name in vain and said, “Can’t you get anything right?” I apologized and fixed the mistake. When he handed me a ten-dollar bill, I realized there weren’t enough one-dollar bills to make change. I explained this to the boy, and he cursed again.

As I was putting their order together, I noticed an elderly woman in line talking to the older boy. When I handed him his order, he looked down and apologized for what he had said.

When the woman reached the counter, she said, “I can’t believe how that boy treated you. There was no reason for such behavior.”

I smiled and told her it didn’t bother me. “It’s all right; I’m used to it.” I turned to put the lid on her drink and was surprised that I felt like I was going to cry. I guess it was because someone understood and took the time to talk to me decently.

When I gave her the order, she handed me one-dollar bills to pay for it. I looked up at her, and she said, “I overheard you say you needed one-dollar bills.” Then she winked at me and left.

The rest of the day didn’t seem so bad. I never saw her again, and I don’t think she knew how much she helped me that day. We don’t always know why certain people come into our lives, but this woman was there to help me when I needed it.

No one should ever have to say “It’s all right; I’m used to it.” Now I try extra hard to be nice to people every day. Then, before I go to bed, I ask myself, “Was someone’s day made better or a burden made lighter because of coming in contact with me?” When the answer is yes, the feeling is wonderful.


This article really shows how one little thing can turn someone elses day in a different direction, for either good or bad.

August 29, 2005


I just got done working on some of my genealogy, using a program called PAF (Personal Ancestry File), put out by the Church. It’s a great program, and anybody who wants to get into genealogy should give it a try. You can get a free download of the program from:

It’s really worth it, and easy to use. Just enter in your own information for a few generations and use the program to help you search for more. There are lots of instructions and such, but if you need help, you can just ask me. Or, if I know you and you want me to help you set it up, I can probably come over and get away from my house for a few hours…or something…hmmm…
We’ll see, I guess.

August 23, 2005

School Classes

I got my schedule from school the other day, so now I know what teachers I have. Here we go:

Semester 1:
1. Language Arts 10 (Goldhammer)
2. Biology (Phillips)
3. Aerobics/Conditioning (Tredo)
4. Geometry (Ipsen)
5. French 2 (Kelso)
6. Beginning Art (Heideman)

Semester 2:
1. Language Arts 10 (Goldhammer)
2. World History (Bopp)
3. Aerobics/Conditioning (Tredo)
4. Geometry (Ipsen)
5. Biology (Phillips)
6. French 2 (Kelso)

I didn't really want to take art, but there wasn't anything else for me to take. I really wanted something like phsycology, but sophmores can't take cool classes like that.

August 22, 2005


Though I have a list of all of these sites on right, there, I decided I would post little content “reviews” along with them. All of them are really good, but not all are good for beginners. I have put * next to all of the sites that are more gravitated toward people learning about the church.

This is the official website for members of the Church. It includes all sorts of information including the scriptures, talks, issues of church magazines and other resources. It is fairly easy to navigate, as well.

- *
The official website for people investigating the church. It provides basic information on a vast array of subjects pertaining to belief, worship and social life of members of the Church. It can be a little hard to get around, but it’s worth a visit.

- *
This is a question and answer site created by the author of Defense of the Faith. The answers are easy to understand, and the questions are fairly common.

- *
This whole website is wonderful. It provides LDS news and well as links to hundreds of LDS websites (stores, mission prep. etc.). I highly recommend
“Answers to Critics' Questions About the LDS Church” and “Answers to Submitted Questions About the LDS Church” for people looking to learn about the church. There are tons of questions and answers on nearly every topic, however they aren’t organized.

- *
This is an entire page dedicated to temples. It’s very basic, and mostly words. I recommend it if you’ve got time.

- *
One of the best resources around. Loads of essays, and FAQ at your disposal. So much stuff you won’t be able to read it all…seriously. Where does this guy get the time to write all of this?

A great site for members, with information and print outs. It also would give lots of info for non-members.

- *
Haven’t looked at it much, but it looks awesome and has lots of information. Navigation is very similar to…in a way.

- *
Lots of links and documents about the church. There isn’t very much to it, but it’s worth a visit!

- *
Provides rather basic introductions to doctrine as the missionaries teach them (still isn’t a substitute to the real deal) as well as information on missionaries themselves.

Physical evidence relating to the Book of Mormon. Very nicely put together and I recommend it to anyone who has read the Book of Mormon either most of the way, or all of the way through. (You will understand the site better that way.)

Mostly for people who already know a lot about the church, but there is some other stuff that investigators may find interesting too, such as the
LDS Lingo *.

August 18, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution

Arianne and I just got finished playing some DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). It was okay. She sure likes some pretty lame songs though, like “Ready Steady Go.” I mean, what’s that all about? Has she been talking to Hannah?
Alrighty, here are all of my favorite DDR songs (in no particular order):
1..59 (dj TAKA): This song is awesome on every level! One of the first songs that I fell in love with.
2.After the Game of Love (NPD3): I know it sounds dorky, but on heavy it’s pretty fun.
3.Candy (Riyu Kosaka): Oh man! This song is the BOMB!
4.Do That Thang [M*A*S*H Radio Edit] (MASAI): The song is cute, but the steps and dumb and the backgrounds are…well…
5.Exotic Ethnic (RevenG): Steps, song, everything 5 stars! (Light is the most fun though.)
6.Healing Vision [Angelic Mix] (2MB): This is way better that what you have to beat to earn it, though that high pitched pulse in the background music can get irritating.
7.Hysteria (NAOKI 190): This song is so awesome, along with the steps.
8.Insertion [Machine Gun Kelly Mix] (Thuggie D.): Classic, like “.59.”
9.Keep on Movin’ [DMX Mix] (N.M.R.-typeG): The song is the best on the game, and one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. The steps mesh to make it even more fun!
10.Keep Ya Body Movin’ (Thuggie D.): Song reminds me of “Hysteria” or “Let’s See Who’s Better” but the steps are super easy. Great beginner song.
11.La Senorita Virtual (2MB): Just all around fun. Great one for parties…right gang?
12.MAX 300 (Ω): I just unlocked this on roulette and love it to death!
13.On the Jazz (Jonny Dynamite!): Cute song, fun steps.
14.Sana Morette Ne Ente (Togo Project feat. Sana): It’s all so prettyful!
15.Sweet Sweet ♥ Magic (jun): A lot like “Candy Heart.”
16.Mobo Moga (Orange Lounge): Feels like a party! Light is uber easy, but the rest are more of a challenge.
17.JaneJana (T.E.M.P.O. feat. Mohammed & Emi
18.Heaven is a ’57 Metallic Gray [gimmix] (Hiro feat. Sweet little 30’s): One of the best! So much fun, and Illusions has it now, too.
19.Kakumei (dj TAKA with NAOKI): Two of the best artists recreate a classical favorite.
The only songs I really hate are “Kind Lady” and “Orion .78 (civilization mix).”

I don’t have all of the song packs yet, but I do have two of them. I can’t wait to get another, as I am ready for some new songs. I’ve yet to get UltraMix 2, but I had better get it before UltraMix 3 comes out.

All for today,

August 8, 2005


My basic week at Young Woman’s Camp:

Day One:
My first day of camp was on Monday. We were told to be at the church at about 6:15, but of course I was late. Luckily, nobody had left yet. I rode in a car with Ashley, Bethany, and Cheriese (sp?) to Ensign Ranch. Once we got there we put our bags in the A-frames, stapled up sheets and plastic to keep dirt and bugs out, got our camp shirts, took pictures and left. It took forever to finally get to the spot that we were hiking from. We probably got there at about 12:00 or so. Next we ate lunch and went hiking.
After only a few hours (less than the preparation itself) we were done hiking for the day. We set up our tents, filtered water and made dinner. Then we had a fireside and went to bed.

Day Two:
Our first full day of wilderness. Sometime in the middle of the night my neck had cramped up so that it couldn’t move at all, but after I had sat up for a while it seemed fine, however my lower back was killing! After breakfast and a bit of milling around we went on a day hike. We hiked around the lake (without backpacks) to a place closer to the snow cap and where we could see a ton of water falls. It was beautiful! I took some pictures, and I can’t wait to see how they turn out.
While we were stopped we got a chance to read our pages from the Book of Mormon. Each person in our fourth year unit had gotten about 15 pages from the Book of Mormon to read, allowing us to read it in one day, as a group. I got a section from Mosiah starting when Alma baptizes the people in Mormon all the way to where it begins talking about the Mulekites (I only got part of that chapter).
We hiked back to camp, had dinner, another fireside and went to bed.

Day Three:
We had to wake up at about 7:00 am and begin packing and eating. After we were done we hiked out. This was definitely the coldest morning of the week.
Once we were done hiking, some of the woman from camp gave us cold water and grapes.
When we got to camp we had to suffer the tradition of being drenched with water. Arianne was the only one who got me though, and despite the beating my glasses survived.
Now it was lunch, but head shed brought us our food, those nice people.
During free time I played hang-man with Josie, while Jackie did crafts. Alexa and Jacquelyn kept hugging me…thought I should mention that.
We did skit night.

Day Four:
First full day in Ensign Ranch. We had a couple of workshops, and a little bit of certification time. Other than that, nothing happened…other than the Seusical, which was fun.

Day Five:
Today was the day everyone likes best. The final day for certification and testimony meeting day.
Arianne bore her testimony, and it was really sweet *tear*.

Day Six:
All day was spent packing and cleaning as well as at the endless award ceremony. As fourth years we got to lead our first song, so we chose Lemmie. It was…fun?

Anyway, I guess that almost sums up the basics of my week at camp.