August 18, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution

Arianne and I just got finished playing some DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). It was okay. She sure likes some pretty lame songs though, like “Ready Steady Go.” I mean, what’s that all about? Has she been talking to Hannah?
Alrighty, here are all of my favorite DDR songs (in no particular order):
1..59 (dj TAKA): This song is awesome on every level! One of the first songs that I fell in love with.
2.After the Game of Love (NPD3): I know it sounds dorky, but on heavy it’s pretty fun.
3.Candy (Riyu Kosaka): Oh man! This song is the BOMB!
4.Do That Thang [M*A*S*H Radio Edit] (MASAI): The song is cute, but the steps and dumb and the backgrounds are…well…
5.Exotic Ethnic (RevenG): Steps, song, everything 5 stars! (Light is the most fun though.)
6.Healing Vision [Angelic Mix] (2MB): This is way better that what you have to beat to earn it, though that high pitched pulse in the background music can get irritating.
7.Hysteria (NAOKI 190): This song is so awesome, along with the steps.
8.Insertion [Machine Gun Kelly Mix] (Thuggie D.): Classic, like “.59.”
9.Keep on Movin’ [DMX Mix] (N.M.R.-typeG): The song is the best on the game, and one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. The steps mesh to make it even more fun!
10.Keep Ya Body Movin’ (Thuggie D.): Song reminds me of “Hysteria” or “Let’s See Who’s Better” but the steps are super easy. Great beginner song.
11.La Senorita Virtual (2MB): Just all around fun. Great one for parties…right gang?
12.MAX 300 (Ω): I just unlocked this on roulette and love it to death!
13.On the Jazz (Jonny Dynamite!): Cute song, fun steps.
14.Sana Morette Ne Ente (Togo Project feat. Sana): It’s all so prettyful!
15.Sweet Sweet ♥ Magic (jun): A lot like “Candy Heart.”
16.Mobo Moga (Orange Lounge): Feels like a party! Light is uber easy, but the rest are more of a challenge.
17.JaneJana (T.E.M.P.O. feat. Mohammed & Emi
18.Heaven is a ’57 Metallic Gray [gimmix] (Hiro feat. Sweet little 30’s): One of the best! So much fun, and Illusions has it now, too.
19.Kakumei (dj TAKA with NAOKI): Two of the best artists recreate a classical favorite.
The only songs I really hate are “Kind Lady” and “Orion .78 (civilization mix).”

I don’t have all of the song packs yet, but I do have two of them. I can’t wait to get another, as I am ready for some new songs. I’ve yet to get UltraMix 2, but I had better get it before UltraMix 3 comes out.

All for today,

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