September 8, 2005

Fisrt Day of School

I guess I didn’t post my first day of school “review” yesterday, so here it goes:

1. Language Arts w/ Goldhammer: Blag! I don’t like language arts enough as it is. Now I have to be in there with all of the people who are snobs in a popular way. This time, they aren’t even right, most of the time. All we did was finish sentences to make them apply to us. At least Curtis, from my math class is there. Maybe he’ll be funny…or maybe he’s nothing without Randall.

2. Biology w/ Phillips: I like science class, so I didn’t hate it. Thomas, Owen and Rachel are in there, and Courtney was, but she switched out.

3. Aerobics and Conditioning w/ McCormick: Mrs. McCormick seems really nice and I can’t wait for class. The only problem for me is that we only get six minutes to change, and my next class in math, in far away land.

4. Geometry w/ Ipsen: I was really excited to have Mrs. Ipsen’s class again. I have Lindsey in there with me so it’s really cool. However it’s almost hart breaking how like every other class it is. No witty comments from Curtis, Adam (Randall) or Justin. Our class is split, so that we go to class for a bit, go to lunch and come back. It’s pretty cool.

- Lunch: Lunch is fun. Lindsey and I can pretty much do whatever we want now, but I have a feeling we are going to get very bored without anyone from first lunch to talk to. Luckly both of the Chelseas are there (even though Chelsea R always ditches us). Philippe also has our lunch, along with Nathan (Jackie’s brother), and a few other freshman I know.

5. French II w/ Chambers: It’s still the same teacher I had last year, except she got married. Alysha, Courtney, and Owen are in there along with lots of the other kids from our class (Victoria was in my unit at camp when I was a little first year.). Lucas, from my traffic safety class is also I there. I didn’t even know he took French. Sadly no Melissa and no…well…I’m not going to go there.

6. Art w/ Heidemin: I really messed up that spelling, I bet. The class is okay. At first I thought I was the youngest in there, except for Andre, but it turns out the girl next to me is also in 10th grade. She seems fairly nice.

Well that’s pretty much all. I am kind of glad school is back in, because I get to see my friends, but next week is going to be a disaster. Babysitting, ballet and seminary start all in one week. I’m feeling faint all ready.

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