September 6, 2005

Some Days

I have had quite the past couple of days! On Sunday we went to my Aunt Adrian’s and Uncle Adam’s ward for my cousin, Rylee’s, baby blessing. After that, we went to my Aunt Shannon’s house for refreshments, dinner, and games. It was lots of fun.

Yesterday, we went shopping, and not quite all day as we had planned. Luckily, I found three pairs of pants, that fit, at our first stop. Good ol’, trusty Old Navy! Next we went to PetCo for fish tank cleaning stuff, then to Mervyns. At Mervyns, I bought a grey suit, and the top has pink pin stripes and pink on the inside. The pants need to be hemmed, but I can’t wait to wear it to school! After this we went to Staples, and Blue Sierra where my sister got a new guppy, which she named Skipper. This only took a few hours, which is good because I can’t handle much more.

Today was “Wildcat Day,” at school. It’s when we do all of our registration, get our lockers and have our pictures taken. It was okay, I guess. The first line was long but after a while it got moving. Everyone I tried to say hi to didn’t respond, well most everyone. I ended up waving to Jordan, and Courtney and talking to Melissa. It turns out that Melissa’s locker is near mine, in the language hall. It also turns out that I am only a few away from Steve’s. We’ll just have to see how that will work out.

When we got home, I was rushing to do my chore, so I could get on the computer, and I broke a huge casserole dish. I felt bad because we use it a lot. Then I felt worse because it got in the dishwasher (the broken pieces) and I didn’t want to break that too. I got a small cut that hurts a lot, but that’s nothing to what could have happened!

It seemed like lots of people grew over the summer except my closest friends. That’s pretty sad; my non-growing self must be having an effect on them.

All for now,

PS: What the heck is a participation fee, and why does anybody have to pay that at school? Participation in what?

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