November 15, 2005

MuggleCast Review for Language Arts

It’s the brighter spot of your week. It’s what gives you enough hope to make it through the hectic and chaotic moments in life where you feel like screaming. It’s what attracts thousands of listeners from all over the world to swarm their favorite Harry Potter website waiting for more. It’s MuggleCast, the weekly Harry Potter podcast from that has invaded computers all over the world and shown us what being a Harry Potter fan really is.
It started out as a humble attempt for the hosts to take their fandom one step further, but what they imagined may never catch on turned them into stars. The silent newscasters became living people. Flesh and blood complete with real humor and emotions. They would no longer have to slave in the shadows as Emerson Spartz, the website’s creator, earned all the credit in the eyes of his loving fan girls. Now the could be adored by their own fans. Websites and LiveJournal communities in their honor have popped up all over the internet with close friends of hosts Eric Scull, Jamie Lawrence and Andrew Sims, posting pictures and reminiscent stories of their outings. Their quick wit and speedy recollection of all things Potter, as well as their inability to stick to one topic, gives the show its personality, keeping it at the top of every podcasting chart it’s listed on.
Among the regular features of the show are “Jamie’s British Joke of the Day,” voicemails from listeners and, my favorite, “Spy on Spartz.” In this segment they stalk Emerson Spartz, who is currently attending the University of Notre Dame, by watching the schools webcams as well as reading his creative away messages and e-mail from those who have spotted him in the past week, on air. Another favorite is “Andrew’s Listener Challenge” in which Andrew enlists his listeners to do anything that he deems fitting to that week’s conversation. From asking his fans to come up with creative new places to podcast from and submit a picture of the place or make t-shirts dedicated to the show.
I am glad I decided to listen to MuggleCast, despite my first, pre-listened attempts to dismiss it as a dull waste of time. It has certainly become a large part of my recreational life now, as well as my dream than someday my friends and I can be big time podcasters as well. Who knew that an internet talk show based on a children’s fantasy novel could become so popular? Certainly not JK Rowling, the boys at MuggleNet, or anyone else for that matter. It’s only a matter of time before MuggleCast replaces more popular late night talk shows on the television.

November 1, 2005


I have been so tired lately. So tired that all of my health is failing. Everything aches and jams, my fingers and toes go numb every so often, I can keep a full conversation because I forget what the person says right after they say it, I’m nauseous, and I can’t seem to see anything. It’s like there is too much light or my pupils are too big, but I keep checking them and they are fine. I just need a little more sleep is all. It seems, though, that the crazier my physical body gets, the better everything inside my mind gets. The things I do remember (long term stuff) I remember with no problem at all and I am overly happy. I will just have to see how this all end up. My mom said I might have to go to the doctor. Not that they can do much.

Anyway, yesterday I wrote letters to Amélina and Emilie. I have yet to send Janine’s stuff though. I really need to get down to the post office this week. Hopefully it will get to her before she moves to Australia!

I officially know that I am a total nerd, newb or anything of the like. On Sunday, I watched Sixth Sense on ABC Family. It was completely cut; no cursing and my parents said they cut out a lot of stuff with the ghosts too. Despite this, I was scared out of my mind. I won’t go into the details, but I was a right sight. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep, but I did just fine, while Arianne and Jordan were both up all night. It was that oatmeal puking ghost, the oatmeal one…*shudder*

In brighter news, I am almost half way though Alma. Yes! I thought it would take forever, but it’s a lot easier when you read it more often. I would have finished it for seminary this school year, but Gordon B. Hinckley telling all of the Saints to read it by the end of the year was really cool. It really shows where people are in their faith in the prophet. That is probably one of the only things keeping me sane, scripture reading and my new habits of daily journal writing and a real morning prayer, along with my breakfast one. It’s weird how things so simple can make everything come together to perfectly. We have also started saying family prayer every night. I made a little chart so we could remember at first, but now we have no problem.

I continue to work on my Quizilla project of the quizzes on the books of the Book of Mormon. Last Sunday, I made 2 Nephi. Here is the link:
I would like to thank all of the people who messaged me on Quizilla, even though I doubt you are reading this, for all the support. You guys are awesome! And good luck to anyone who decides to start reading the Book of Mormon. Just make sure to keep your reading consistent, it will help you remember it better, as it will read more like a story.

Hope you all had a great Halloween,