March 8, 2006

The Harm Caused by Genetic Engineering

Current research of cloning and genetic engineering has become the obsession of both the media, and the American people. DNA tracking has led to many solved mysteries that would have gone cold or been incorrectly solved some time ago, many now, though, question the imminent uses of this newfound knowledge. The greatest controversy concerning genetic experimentation is cloning. From a distance, it appears that this would be a great step in scientific discovery, but many factors, such as disadvantages, discrimination, and losing the value of life, arise when closely examined.
As with every invention and advancement, the first genetically altered and cloned children would be strict property of those with a higher economic standing. Millions of dollars would be poured into the creation of a perfect child, one that could excel further than their peers. The general public would not have the same opportunity to create their own altered children and thus unfairness and disadvantages arise. Social standing would stop varying, instead enlarging class separations by maintaining a constantly set amount of people with not only the genes to achieve, but the opportunity. Though the price of cloning would eventually fall, it would not be without tearing what exists of society.
Along with class divisions, and the disadvantages of the poor to create cloned children, would come discrimination. Many people all over the world, both past and present, have worked to rid the earth of discrimination. To endorse a project that would only revive more hatred would be a crime against those people. Businesses and colleges would reject many hopeful applicants based on their genetics. Those who were not scientifically built or whose parents could not afford to do so would be judged without thought of their merits or personality. They would be subject to higher insurance rates, and possibly the target of elementary school bullies. Discrimination would become a leading problem all over the world.
Moving away from the affects of cloning of society, are the affects that cloning would have on the human mind. Though, essentially the genes human race would remain unaltered, in that some people would be good at some things and others at other things, there would be no reason to live. One of the reasons that life is so different for each person is because each is each working to find what they are good at. By being born with a list of what you will succeed in would take all of the personality out of life. Lives are shaped by what they must endure, both the failures and successes. There would be a lot less happiness as there would be no embarrassing moments to laugh at later in life. Every day would become as dull and monotonous as the last and so on until death. Life would lose its point entirely.
Cloning should not be pursued for many reasons, especially due to the influence it would have on social organization, and humanity. Anything that did not involve science and caused so many problems to arise would be dismissed immediately. It is only world’s infatuation with the subjection of nature that has kept cloning in the spotlight for so long.

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