January 21, 2008

Music Video: A Daxflame Tribute

I haven't posted in so long. I need to get back in the habit. I've just been so busy lately, with school, work and other projects.

I don't know how into YouTube you all are, but if you watch a lot you may be familiar with DaxFlame. He's been posting for about a year now, acting as a high school boy with a mental handicap. Some people find it offensive but I think it's funny. The thing to remember is that it's fake. I recommend you head over to his YouTube page and have a look. It's great.
Anyway, at one point he said that he was going to stop posting because of all of the mean comments he had been receiving. I made the following video as a response.

Note: I don't sing...and this is why. Also, when I uploaded the video to YouTube the karaoke track disappeared for a reason I don't yet know of.

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