March 6, 2008

The Next Hitler?

With the Day of Silence coming up (maybe) at my school, there has been significant talk about Lawrence King, the gay 15 year old that was killed at school last month by his 14 year old schoolmate, Brandon McInerney. Brandon now is being charged as an adult and faces 50 years to life in prison.
I believe the first question here is: Should any child spend virtually the rest of their life in prison? My answer, no. True, it was a violent, pre-meditated crime and he should be adequately punished, but locking him in jail for the rest of his life is not the answer. I don’t just say this because King was gay either. If his killer had been an adult, I would support the death penlaty (or a life sentence if that is the best they can do). But a 14 year old is not an 18 or 30 year old.
While I’m sure McInerney is old enough to know that killing is a bad thing, we do not know much about him from the articles and reports. We seem to get enough information about King and his situation, but reports about McInerney’s personality and family life are difficult to find. As a child, is he truly responsible for the murder in its entirety? After all, he had a gun that surely was not sold to him.
Another thing that really bothers me about this case is how so many people have turned a 14 year old boy who is caught up in the sad social situation that is the modern world, into a crazed killer. He has come to embody gay hate for supporters of homosexuality.
Can’t they find another victim? Perhaps, not a little boy? McInerney deserves some sort of jail time, (not 50 years!) couseling and programs to halp him develop and to keep an eye on him for a while before he is free of the police.

On a side note:
In a letter to the editor in my school’s paper, a boy wrote that suggesting a cancelation of the Day of Silence is supporting Hitler.
So by you being socialist, you’re supporting all of the socialist/communist activists who supported killing millions of people in Russian and Europe.

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Mistress said...

Interesting view but I have to agree. Is a child really mature enough to be tried as an adult? In the case of the 14 yr old we have to ask ourselves where he got his views and belifs? Is he really mature enough to have not been raised with hatred and taught this? Maybe not but I think its something to consider.

If he shows tendencies of being a sociopath (which still he's too young to truly say this) then we may need to reevaluate. All the same tossing him in jail for his life won't change whats hes done but exploring jail with other consequences and treatments may be a better option. Keep me posted...