January 21, 2009

A Close Shave

Ballet classes are a wonderful thing and I think that it would not hurt anyone to at least take one dance class at BYU, even if it is just for the experience. Have said that, don’t let the following story deter you.

There are three guys in my ballet class. This is pretty new to me. Last semester we had one boy for a week before he dropped the class and before that the only boy I had ever had in my class was in middle school. They work hard at it and take other dance classes too and all of them are nice and amusing. The issue is that two of them (the two that I’ve always considered more questionable anyway) have decided that tights just aren’t working out so they have both switched to unitards with shorts and tank tops. One of the outfits looks very much like this:

And to imagine the other, just picture the shorts being only a little bit longer than women’s booty shorts…

Are you alright?

The other guy wears a more conservative outfit of black tights and a white t-shirt, which worked well for all of them. I don’t know what this mini “revolution” is for anyway.

Yesterday was the first day that I noticed something though. Both of these guys shave their legs. Not only do they shave their legs, but they are tan, and look more like girl legs than mine or any other ladies’ legs in the classroom. The thing is that one of these guys still doesn’t shave his underarms. Legs is beyond the mark, underarms is expected. Guys who are dancers, swimmers, gymnasts, muscle shirt wearing types or men who have any reason to have to show their underarms to the world, should really consider shaving. It still looks normal (way more normal than when they shave their legs) and is generally considerate…because nobody wants to see that.

Anyway, that is really all I had to say. It was just really getting to me, and the other guy in class…I could tell.


FitToSeeJane said...


Jon said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

The Burtons said...

You poor dear, you are went to Utah so you wouldn't have to be exposed to such things!!I'm with your mom!! Sick!!