January 10, 2009

Everybody's Doing It!

Today, in between homework assignments I’ve been looking at some blogs belonging to boys and girls in my ward. They made them for their English class and beyond that have not maintained them, but I have still made a few interesting finds, the best of which comes from a young lady living in my building, who will remain unnamed. She writes:

“Ok, so ever since I found out (and even before) that I was coming to BYU the most overwhelmingly abundant comment I have gotten has been "so will I get a wedding announcement in 6 months?" or "you are so going to get married..." both and all of which are very annoying. It is very frustrating to hear this from friends, neighbors and even family especially since it is so not true. I'm absolutely terrified of getting married. It's not that I don't want to get married and have a family someday but that day is very far in the future. I'm way to young to be taking care of a house and a husband and I have a lot of growing up to do... The thing I find most ironic about the supposedly high marriage rates at BYU is that the rates of marriage at USU and the U of U are higher...”

I agree with her on this. It doesn’t matter if the people are joking, it’s obnoxious. It’s a “when is your baby due,” “when are you getting your braces off” type of comment. Something you may think is a great conversation starter, but really nobody wants to talk to you in the first place.

But moving on. This girl then goes on to say this in her next entry:

“There is one and only one reason to come to BYU and that is to get married. That's why I'm here and you all know that's why you're here. Brigham Young
said "Any young man who is unmarried at the age of twenty one is a menace to the community." This is why missionaries come here, they have less [than] a year to get married before they become menaces to society and where else to do that then at the marriage capital of the world. Girls on the other hand are here to get married and further their progress to Eternal Life in the Celestial Kingdom. We also have this problem of a biological clock that just keeps ticking. We only have so much time to give birth to as many children in Zion as we can and the sooner you start the more children you can have. I know that marriage is a vital part in our quest for Eternal Life and that is why I am here, to find a great returned missionary to marry and start my family as soon as possible.”

Firstly, I don’t actually know where this girl is from, but I think my odds of getting married were way higher where I was before I came to BYU. BYU has only made me think that almost all boys are lame and that boys not from the west coast (or more especially from the middle part of the US) are mentally deficient in some way. In college, or at least in that span of years, is when a person should look for someone to marry but girls should go to college more because the odds of them getting married and being able to rely on a husband are significantly lower now than ever. Not everyone will get married, not everyone will stay married and not every guy is going to be able to have enough money to own a house. That is why I came to BYU. Maybe I’ll find someone to marry. But I could do that anywhere. BYU offers enough programs that will give me the connections, knowledge and experience I need to survive in the future. Of course I want to get married and of course I want to have kids. But no, I’m not going to complain like all of the other girls in the building that I haven’t gone on a date in however long, and no I will not even consider going on a date with someone I haven’t known for a while. I know that that makes people think I’m a “mean person” but so be it. I have better things to do then sit around pretending to be nice to pretentious RMs living in the freshmen dorms.

In somewhat other news, these are awesome:


Shannon said...

Fohshizzle Hillizzle.
But I don't want to be reading in your next post how you "just wanna boyfriend, or to be married wah wah wah."

Anonymous said...

What I think is strangest is that those two entries were consecutive. They seem to have a very different feel to them.

Of course, when BY said the Menace to Society quote, a young man could become a lawyer by chopping wood for an older lawyer for a year or something.
Getting going in a career is a little different nowadays.

caitlin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You absolutely have to tell me who wrote that, it's hilarious.