January 15, 2009

Spin, Spin, Spin!

For anyone who doesn’t believe that there are people just like “Penelope” from Saturday Night Live, I am here to tell you that you’re wrong. In Book of Mormon class everything was going well when a girl who added the class on Tuesday walked in late. Not too much of a problem. She sits down, we all take the quiz, and everything is okay. Then our teacher starts the lesson which uses a power point. The people sitting on the very edge of the room would have had a little trouble seeing the screen (which really isn’t that bad) so the girl moves somewhere else in the room. Throughout the class period, she moved three times. Each time I only noticed when she would make some crazy comment that had nothing to do with anything. It was driving me crazy and judging by the faces of others in the room, they weren’t thrilled about the whole thing either. The weirdest part was that the girl had red hair and the same voice as Penelope…at first I even thought she was just joking. Sadly, she was not. It’s going to be a long semester.

Hebrew class is going really well. It’s likely the only class that I can have for three hours today (Hebrew Table, Class and a late Hanukkah party) and not be going insane. Keep in mind that Hebrew table was at 8 in the morning. The teacher is really nice and fun as well as all of the other people in the class. I also won quite a bit of gelt this evening after an amusing dradle game with a few of the people I sit near in class.

Now with a stomach full of tamales and Jones soda, I’m off to read my American Heritage textbook.

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