January 9, 2009

Stairway to Heaven

I’m getting a little tired of the snow here. At first it was just because it’s so cold and makes it so I can’t effectively walk to either of the malls anymore (a fall weekend pastime). Now, it’s just because of how difficult it makes basic things, like walking up and down the stairs or to any of my classes. Because some sort of poor planning, all of the walkways are incredibly slick when they get any sort of water on them. The HUGE stairs leading to the Richardson Building and field house are not so bad because they took at least some precautions to keep the people who use them from slipping. Every set of indoor stairs, however, did not get the same treatment.

The other day when I was headed to a class on the bottom level of the Tanner Building I noticed that the stairs were slick from all of the water that people had tracked in. Soon after I began my decent, I also noticed that they were the smoothes set of stairs I had ever seen. Yet, no matter how careful I was, right when I got to the last flight I lost my footing. Lucky for my I was using the handrail so I only ended up with minor injuries including a disgusting bruise on my arm where it hit the handrail (I was holding on very very tight).

No more than a day later, I was in pointe class when one of our exercises was to walk up and down the stairs on pointe only. After going forward, we had to do the whole thing backwards with only a step between each person. I would normally be really worried about that anyway, but being so close to everyone else and JUST HAVING FALLEN DOWN THE STAIRS made it a bit more nerve-wracking. The best comfort I had was to think about how I would probably be able to get a pretty nice settlement if an accident had occurred.

Perhaps BYU should consider putting in a few more elevators. I wouldn’t mind riding up and down in there with pointe shoes on.

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Shannon said...

Be careful. Don't chip a tooth on those stairs! But that bruise looks like you've been giving plasma for extra $$.