February 9, 2009

Dude, Where's My Back Scratch?

Every Sunday, after everyone has had a chance to eat dinner and unwind a bit, our ward meets at the central building for ward prayer. Last semester this included an unending barrage of announcements (usually for things that have nothing to do with a majority of the people there), a few songs and dorm introductions. Thankfully this semester, while the number of announcements continues to increase, we have done away with the introductions segments. It has been replaced by an “intermediate hymn” (which is really a performance). This gives everyone a chance to write and rewrite their favorite songs to be about things we encounter every day, like facebook stalking and the hall rivalry in our ward. The following is from yesterday when a group of boys from F. Smith performed a song about Wells (the girls hall). It’s worth a look.


Our ward is becoming increasingly more divided. I thought that would change as the year progressed but at semester it only seemed to get worse. The boys from Snow and F. Smith generally keep themselves pretty separated a ward prayer (I don’t think through any sort of conscious effort) and likewise, the girls sit near whichever group they have a preference for. For couple of months I didn’t really care for one building over the other but after an incident, I realized that your friends cannot be in one building and your boyfriend in the other. That’s when I decided to go with F. Smith all the way (eliminating said boyfriend). Luckily, my home teachers both semesters have been from F. Smith, but my FHE boys are in Snow and my FHE sisters have a distinguished preference for Snow. This is all well and good. I only have a preference because you pretty much have to. The only thing is that, also as the year progresses, the guys in Snow are getting progressively less masculine. When you can recall a handful of circumstances in which you heard a guy from Snow talking to his roommate or buddy about “that one time” when he was hiding in the other guy’s bed…you get weirded out. If it were just one occurrence, it wouldn’t be a big deal, but it wasn’t. Overall they just seem more enamored with one another than the boys from F. Smith seem to be with one another. Sure they are friends with their dorm mates as well, but there’s a line. Real men just DON’T scratch the backs of other men in church. Doesn’t happen.

I realize that not everyone in Snow hall is to blame and I’m sure they all dig girls…but they have a funny way of showing it. And if they want the Snow/F. Smith battle to continue with any sort of compassion from Wells, they had better fix this.


FitToSeeJane said...

Oh, funny!
I always want to comment but never know quite what to say. I loved the line about dumping said boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

i have to say my fav line was "Doesnt Work" it truely doesnt hillary, and I think you are a very smart child, like dad says. Maybe its true, Maybe we wont find husbands.

your sis JP