February 11, 2009

Here's to Your Health (And Hoping You Slobbered on Some Nasty Toys)

If nothing else, attending BYU has made me more careful about my outlook on diseases. In the past week alone one guy I know was diagnosed with salmonella poisoning and one girl came down with mono. In some ways, college is like a third world country. Everyone is sick. Of course, when everything is dirty, nutrition isn’t very good and there are so many people, there are going to be a lot of sicknesses. It’s like the first week of school after summer vacation when everyone gets a cold…only worse. After a very sick first semester, I’m working really hard to stay well with hand sanitizer, vitamins and better food, so we’ll see where that gets me. At least I know I won’t get mono (or if I did, it would be a lame story about doing sit-ups on the nasty floor mat in the women’s weight room) but I can’t help thinking about all of the people who do have it. To console myself I did a little research and found out that mono is kind of like chicken pox in that most of the population gets it at some point. Just for a lot of people it acts like a normal cold or the flu. Also, once a person has had it, they will be immune to it. Seeing as I spent a couple years in nursery where I probably was sucking on all of the same toys as all of the other kids and did the same at home where I’m sure my sister just younger than me was putting her mouth on my toys. In fact, when I have my own kids, I’ll probably just let them go ahead and suck on the handlebar on the shopping cart and the pew at church. Sure is disgusting, but a little toddler mono cold will be much more pleasant than its adult counterpart, and it might be a chance I’m willing to take.

Also, I'm wishing any of the gals I know with mono a speedy recovery.

Also, I am really hoping that the mono, salmonella and various diseases that are wreaking havoc on the opposite side of my Hebrew classroom don't make it to my side. D:


FitToSeeJane said...

Our friends second daughter had mono and ended up having surgery on the spleen. Now their oldest daughters husband has mono too.... It definitely goets around! Stay healthey and remember to sleep!

ramsam said...

Yes- sometimes a sick baby is a sign of a healthy teen, as my oldest is proof of!

And don't forget about sleep! Sneak in those naps and sleep when you can...that is my secret weapon against all diesease and squirmy germies.