February 4, 2009

Just A Few Things

I decided to sign up for an account of Shelfari today because I wanted a widget for the books I am currently reading to put to the right (see it?). My page is at http://www.shelfari.com/hillaryp in case you want to add me as a friend or see what I have read or plan on reading.

I also had time to play with my drawing pad and Corel. It was my first time so I mostly just tested the colors, and some of the MANY pens, chalks and pencils.

In Hebrew we were learning about family words and drew picture of our families to talk about. I had a pretty easy job of it compared to the boy I sit next to who has 14 people in his family. The picture turned out really blurry, probably because I was hitting the end of the batteries, but I think the drawing turned out quite well. I even made the heights proportional. In the picture Arianne is in a grumpy mood, but she isn’t always like that. And my dad has a bigger smile than all of us because he likes his job. Under Arianne and Jordan it says אחות (sister), then אמא (mom) and אבא (dad).


Jon said...

That family portrait is something. I think you really captured Arianne there.
Cool Hebrew font in your text.

FitToSeeJane said...

I love it! Your doodles on the sketchpad are really fun too!.

My wobbly word in the box was 'fousio'
funny, I always thought it was spelled 'Fo sho'.