March 2, 2009

Are you part of the Red Army?

Campus is a-buzz with the BYUSA elections. In Brigham Square, the courtyard in front of the JFSB and beyond, the candidates have set up tables to promote themselves and give out very free scraps of cloth in different colors according to their campaign’s colors. While walking to classes in the JSB, Tyler grabbed a couple of red cloth streamers from an unmanned booth and since nothing is more exciting than a piece of fabric, we anxiously tied them to our wrists. Second later, we passed someone from another campaign who was about to offer us something before seeing our red bracelets. “Oh…you’re reds.” She sounded so dejected. It wasn’t until after Tyler’s declaration that we were part of the “Red Army” that we realized that we didn’t know who the “Red Campaign” belonged to. We looked at all of the campaign posters, and none of them used red. As far as I know, NOBODY is the red campaign.

I’m pretty sure that someone who is secretly trying to overthrow the precious democracy of BYUSA is hiding their communist plot by not having any signs or representatives, but giving away the most enticing color of fabric. Just thinking about it makes me want another. Why would anyone want a yellow or green thing to tie onto themselves when they could have red?

I feel bad for everyone in high school where school politics isn’t nearly as exciting as this.

I also point you to this blog, written by a friend of my roommate who goes to BYU.


Jon said...

Two thoughts occur to me.
1) Are they all the "Primary Colors"? ("red is for courage to do what is right")
2) Looks like you are voting for Obama. Does he go to school there?

Hillary said...

Well, there are more than 3 groups, including I think a blue one.

But who knows. Maybe it was the doing of the BYU Democrats club.

ramsam said...

This is also bad because Red is the Univ of Utah's colors...I bet everyone else who was red threw theirs away.

Hillary said...

I would like to add that there was indeed a red team, Elise and Landon, and they won the race. Good for them too, the other people turned out to be crazies.