March 4, 2009

Getting There is Half the Fun

I never went the EFY when I was in high school but I remember getting to BYU and there was a variety of girls so excited for it to be like EFY all of the time. These are the girls who abuse the privilege of being girls. Girls that feel offended if they are left alone during a slow song, or are upset when they can’t have some sort of meaningless conversation about toothbrushes and hobbies with any guy they happen to sit next to. As the first week worked into a month, these girls began to see that that is not the way things work. Instead, fate smiled on the girls who can get food by themselves, walk to the Richardson Building or catch the bus without help and enjoy a world in which, unlike high school, they don’t have to be bothered by the immaturity and obnoxiousness of boys 24/7. This latter group had soon been lulled into a false sense of self-security. All of a sudden the announcement is made in church that the boys will escort the girls to their enrichment meeting in the building right next door. The first group cheered but the second did not. As a result, the second group was criminalized for dodging those who were obligated to transport them…or with them.

We were all sure it was over, until once again, we were told that we would have to be escorted. Thankfully, they gave us a time frame this time, so I’ll know how early I need to head over. It’s crazy. I was sure that after so many complaints it wouldn’t happen again, but at what I suspect to be the suggestion of one girl, we are all forced to undergo the same torture.

It’s not even that it’s really torture. It’s just obnoxious. There is a reason why I’m not Muslim (okay several) and this is one of them. I can walk by myself. The same goes for times when I’m working out until after sunset. Just because the sun is down, doesn’t mean I’m going to get lost. Oh, it’s to keep me safe? No, don’t think so. It sounds like the boys being in close proximity to the boys IS the problem. The idea that I’d trust random boys in my ward any more than a complete stranger is lunacy. In fact, knowing that some of those guys know where I live is what scares me more than anything.

Question: Why do I consider these males in my ward “boys” when they are all between the ages of 17-28 (yeah it goes that high…)?

Answer: They live in the dorms. I’m pretty sure guys don’t graduate from boy status until they start paying for utilities. Therefore, they should NOT consider themselves in the market for a wife.

Basically, I enjoy walking alone and believe that I have earned the right to do so at my own risk.


FitToSeeJane said...

I like the points you made, brilliant as usual, and you know I don't like the forced matching up process. But as your mother, oh dear. please try not to walk alone in the dark. Can't you find a girl buddy going back, or walk close to another pack of people shouting random things occasionally so you seem to be a part of their conversations....

Hillary said...

By night I mean 7. So there are still tons of people out.

Jon said...

*** very dad-like sayings ahead ***

It's easy to see this as implying that you need an escort, but there is some benefit to letting yourself be used as a prop for leaders who are trying to transform boys who were not raised well into men who think of someone else.
Yes, this isn't a direct benefit to you at the moment, and it is a bit of a hassle, but overall, it is a good thing for society.
Like I was telling someone the other day who complained about being on group projects where a lame person was put in charge, sometimes you have to practice being led just so the other person gets to learn how to lead.

*** end dad-like sayings ***

FitToSeeJane said...

I do love your observation that boys aren't men until they pay their own utilities. Wiser words were never spoken.

ramsam said...

As a mum of *boys* I like the idea of them walking with a girl, opening the door, and so on...yes, it seems silly if they are told to do it, but never the less, why not? It is a pain I am sure, but oh...those *boys* probably need all the practice they can get!

Plus- I hope you are not out in the dark alone. They may be false, but there are plenty of scary BYU stories that kind of freak me out.

Gary said...

so I think this is a theme, but I am pretty sure you are ok walking alone, I mean I think you are safer walking alone then I am, haha

but yes, sometimes escorts from boys are silly, but I agree with the fatherly wisdom that it helps boys grow into better men, and that does help society, so you are suffering a little for the betterment of society, hope that is ok with you :)