March 30, 2009

March: It’s Almost Over

I’m proud to announce that I will not be a hobo next school year. Today I checked a huge thing off my list and got an apartment. It’s no worse looking than Heritage (where I live now) and it’s cheaper, plus I get my own room…and my work desk won’t be in the living room. I’m very excited.

Yesterday, a few of the kids from my Hebrew class and I went to sing at the hospital. The original plan was to sing some Hebrew songs but my teacher has been very sick lately (she says she’s either pregnant or has mono), so the Hebrew tunes would have been a little weak. We did “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” a couple times but mostly stuck with hymns. One of the ladies was so excited that she said she’d blog about us. Another was also very happy, but for a different reason. Her son, who had been in the MTC, had something rupture in his lung very suddenly. He was set to leave for Albania in a week but will now have to wait for three (still a very quick recovery). While she was glad that he was able to get it taken care of while he was still in the states, her son was understandably disappointed. After our first song, we sang “I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go” and he liked that.
It was lots of fun. While we hadn’t planned in advance what songs we were going to sing, they all seemed to sound really good. I guess it’s like our Hebrew teacher says. She says that BYU is the only school where people can sing a song for the first time, add their own harmony and make it sound good.

As of right this minute, I’m enjoying a free Hulu movie. They are always the weirdest movies and right now I’m watching “Reefer Madness,” the very old story of drug dealers and marijuana concerns. While the concern is merited and understandable, the movie is hilarious. It makes references about teens across the country who have taken up smoking pot and then lashed out, killing their friends and family in gruesome ways. If people who smoked pot had that much energy it would really be something…almost as much something as if they could all really play the piano as well as the people in the film.

All while I was watching it, I could only imagine what a perfect MST3K movie it would be, so afterwards I searched for one. It turns out that Mike, from later episodes, does the commentary for the DVD. That’s excellent.


Shannon said...

So cool on getting your own apt. That'll be awesome!

Jon said...

Oh man that is so funny that you are blogging about singing hymns to sick people and watching Reefer Madness in the same post!

FitToSeeJane said...

Next time someone is rockin away at the piano in the commom room you'll know... I'm just sayin.