March 12, 2009

A Penny For My Thoughts?

You knew this one was coming when you logged onto FaceBook this afternoon...

When FaceBook changed to “New” FaceBook last summer or so, I didn’t like the change. While there are still aspects that I don’t like, for the most part, it grew on me. So why won’t this new layout do the same thing? Let me tell you why…

1) There is STILL no feature for the blocking of individuals on FaceBook chat. Every other messaging device has this. What is so tricky that FaceBook chat can’t have it?

2) I would like to have all of my events show up on my homepage every time. Do I care about highlights? No. But if I’ve gone through the effort of adding events, I’d like to see them. You may read this and say, “But Hillary, the events are still on your homepage.” So for your reference I have 8 events right now…and can only see one at first glance.

3) The “live feed” is no more live than it was before. I still have to refresh the page to see new updates.

4) “Write something.” Write what? Is this my status? Is this to post on my wall? WTF?

5) Small details make it look more immature. Rounded corners, shadowed edges. I’m not 14. I want the facts, not a bunch of glitter. If I want my photo to have rounded corners, I’ll do it myself.

6) Using all caps for certain things like “TAGGED” is a big no-no in the internet world…especially when the other fonts look normal. I feel like I’m being yelled at every time I see it.

7) How am I supposed to delete things off of my wall, or my “live feed,” or whatever it is now, if whenever I move over to the X it disappears?

8) Not diggin’ the little arrow to tell me who wrote what on whoever’s wall. Lucky for me, and many others who use FaceBook, I’m literate. In fact, I’m especially good at reading the small words that the arrow replaced.

These are just some of my problems. I’m sure some of them will get worked out over the next few days (come on guys!) but I’m also likely to find more.

So for now, maybe you can expect me on FaceBook less often. :-\


Molly Mormon said...

Thought you might want to see this:

caitlin said...

If Facebook knew Jase Williams, Facebook Chat would have blocking capabilities.