March 21, 2009

Trying To Soak Up Some Sun

The weather has been beautiful all week. Next week is supposed to be sunny on some days and rainy on others but as long as the snow is gone for good, I’m happy. The past couple days I’ve been sitting on one of the balconies to do my homework in shorts and a leotard in the hopes that perhaps someday I’ll look like I’ve been outside sometime in my life. So far, it looks like my skin has gotten more pale, and what I thought was a bit of a sunburn on my arm yesterday was just some heat redness.

Yesterday night my friend and I completed a video that we have wanted to make for a few weeks. We were worried about the outcome (I’ve never tried that much stop animation and he’s never tried any sort of animation or video editing at all) but it turned out fabulous. It’s called “Age of Peeps”. I just thought of it one day while listening to the soundtrack for Age of Empires and now it’s a reality. It’s short, but it took three hours to make. Now, after this video, and his cameo in an episode of Husband Hunters, Matt wants to make videos all of the time. I might have to show him how to use some basic programs like Digital Image Suite and Windows Movie Maker so he can get some of that energy out.

Anyway, to see the video CLICK HERE.
When I get home it will find it's place on YouTube with my other videos.


Jon said...

That video is really funny.
You gotta get that on YouTube!

ramsam said...

It was so nice to feel the sun! My kids can't understand why the swimming pools aren't all open!