March 9, 2009

When Life Gives You Apples

Midterms seem to be getting everyone down at the moment. With exams in both American Heritage and Hebrew this week and a test in Book of Mormon next week, I know that I'll be pretty busy. I seem to be doing fine (though the fact that, when under stress, my clothes cannot find the dirty clothes hamper, is taking a toll on my room) but my roommate seems to have acquired a drinking problem. In one day she consumed four apple-beers (Utah’s state beverage). While I can drink two Jones sodas in a day, I struggle to finish the second on account of the sugar overload. However, it appears that she has no such problem...making this:

A normal sight when I return from my afternoon classes.

Should I also mention that there are one and a half Costco cheesecakes in my fridge right now? They expired today, but I’m sure that if we wanted to, we could milk and extra day out of them…


Gary said...

o that is quite hilarious, I don't know if that is weird that she drinks 4 apple-beers a day, I mean I have never tried one, so it sounds weird to me, but I could imagine drinking 4 jones a day, that would be tasty :)

and I love your crazy spaz Paisley Muffin picture, quite lovely actually

FitToSeeJane said...

Great new picture on your header. Cool.