April 18, 2009

I Never Fail To Be Disappointed

Now that three of my favorite shows are hitting the television graveyard (three in one season…what’s wrong with me?) I’m pretty miffed. At least Chuck got out of its first season, but Dollhouse (it's on the cusp) and Kings didn’t even have a chance thanks to poor advertising, poor channel placement (hey FOX, what happened to your last Joss Whedon series?) and ridiculous time slots.

But what can be done? Maybe it’s for the best. Arrested Development was a hilarious show but got canceled after three seasons. The Office was a hilarious show but it’s quickly becoming sub-par with fewer jokes and more drama.

Worst of all are the shows like Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, Gossip Girl and the continuous stream of wannabe, mainstream soap operas that fill up all of the decent time slots. The half-decent King of the Hill and not quite as entertaining Simpsons are pushed to near midnight showings to make room for shows that are, incredibly enough, more idiotic (see Family Guy and American Dad).

Watching a few episodes Mystery Science Theatre 3000 this week has made me reflect on what an excellent show that was. I liked watching the segments with puppets and the hosts when I was little (it’s exactly the same as Sesame Street…right?) and now I can enjoy the witty film segments that are the entire point of the show. This show lasted almost forever (11 seasons) and still has a large following. Why aren’t there more shows like this? I suppose that between YouTube and InfoMania, the whole genre is covered…but still something to watch with your friends on TV (rather than hard chairs by the computer) would be nice. In fact drama that isn’t crime or relationship oriented would also be nice. Why can’t everyone want these same things?

At least I still have a few months of my favorite shows to look forward to this year…and a healthy season of So You Think You Can Dance.

Oh, TV.

NOTE: Sorry about all of the parentheses...it just happened.
NOTE 2: I may be overly excited for the RiffTrax version of Twilight.

April 16, 2009

This Takes Me Back

When I was in elementary school, I decided I really wanted a hedgehog. I would read books, write reports, look at pictures all about hedgehogs. I even started raising meal worms (partially out of enjoyment) but also because they are a favorite snack of hedgehogs. Sure, they do some gross things, but all animals do. I still think they are adorable. However, when my mom found out that she was allergic to rodents I officially gave up on ever owning a small prickly friend.

While I was eating lunch and watching some Colbert Report, I came across the segment below. Anyone who has ever wanted a hedgehog, been begged for a hedgehog or watched cute hedgehog videos on youtube, will enjoy it.

April 15, 2009

YouTube Welcomes Two New Friends

My two youngest finally made it into the world of YouTube. Give them some love.

I present, "Age of Peeps" (based on Age of Empires) and "World of Peepcraft" (Based on World of Warcraft). I've heard that the script to the second is not pleasant for some, but believe me, I toned it down a lot from what Fritzler brought over.

Here are links [I will embed players in a week]: