May 31, 2009

Introducing: PaisleyTube

That's right. I have made a blog on blogger that is only for my videos. You will be able to view and comment on all of my videos while checking out related links and reading up-to-date commentary on them. It's just getting started but to check it out, visit the link:

May 13, 2009

The Adventures of Pong and Freck

Summer seems to be going okay. I’ve been hitting the gym and reading a lot but I’m still on the hunt for a job. Thankfully, in the past week, I’ve had some babysitting opportunities. I hadn’t babysat in quite a while. Mostly because I’ve had jobs at the outlet and then lived on a college campus. However, the past few jobs have been really fun. Last Saturday I ate enough blueberry pie and chicken nuggets (from a play kitchen) to feed a third world country. I was reminded how much I liked watching Kratts’ Creatures when I was younger by watching some Zoboomafoo. I played Barbies and Little People (and for once, didn’t invent a currency or create a monarchy). I went down the same slide about 10 times. I watched one of my childhood favorites, "An American Tale," and much more.

For entertainment purposes only, I’ll tell you a special story about Pongo and Freckle (or Pong and Freck, for short), one of Noah’s giraffes and a Littlest Pets Pegasus.
Once upon a time they met. Pongo lived on an ark and Freckle lived on an airplane. Freckle’s mom was a cow named Kim, who also had a calf named Kip. There was a tiger that tried to eat Freckle, and no matter how Mrs. Noah would lock him up or give him punishments, he was still mean. Then one day, after Freckle was abandon by Kim and Kip and adopted by a stallion named Jamie and his butterfly wife, the tiger became a vegetarian and was forever friends with Freck and his new family. They would all watch TV, eat breakfast and play ball. Things weren’t all happy on the arc though. Earlier, the three evil McDonalds brothers were imprisoned in the dark compartments of the ark. They were guarded by a giant robot, the tiger and Toukie and toucan. Despite Noah’s best efforts, they escaped. They wanted revenge because Freckle’s ball had bounced on all of their heads. They tried to bite Freck, but Mrs. Noah threw them into a hole.
The End.

Little People (the ones I was playing with and the one playing with me) are good for making up such crazy stories. Thankfully, nobody died, which was a welcome change from the Barbie scenario, however, we still got to have a brief lesson about how the McDonalds Brothers should not say that they hate Freckle and want to kill him even though they are really bad.

Moral of the story: Just walk to the park.

May 7, 2009

Captcha: A Little Less Conversation

No, I didn't spell anything wrong. I point you to Urban Dictionary's second entry for the word:

2. that annoying thing with letters and number (e.g. A7FF9YTP) that sucks a lot when you do it wrong cause you have go back and do another one.
ex: i friggin hate captchas

I was annoyed when websites began using captcha (word verification) programs. It added another step to what should be a quick and simple process. As time went by, however, I got used to them and even became grateful that I didn’t have to deal with nearly as many spam bots. At first the boxes were small and asked merely for a few letters or a short word written out clearly. Now, we have things like this:

What? Not joking, I named that file "areyoukiddingme.jpg" when I saw it. That’s way too long. At least Facebook makes it so they are real words or at least decipherable. On some sites, I can’t even read what they have abstractly written out, forcing me to try three times before I can finally post.

That’s insanity.

If my internet time were a pie chart, it would look like this:



Have the people who are making these even thought about it? Did they just think they could run Sunday’s crossword answers through program and be able to keep everyone happy?

While I was considering my hatred of captcha, I found an interesting article via Google. It’s PG-13, but is totally related and was killing me.
Facebook Takes the Captcha Rap