May 7, 2009

Captcha: A Little Less Conversation

No, I didn't spell anything wrong. I point you to Urban Dictionary's second entry for the word:

2. that annoying thing with letters and number (e.g. A7FF9YTP) that sucks a lot when you do it wrong cause you have go back and do another one.
ex: i friggin hate captchas

I was annoyed when websites began using captcha (word verification) programs. It added another step to what should be a quick and simple process. As time went by, however, I got used to them and even became grateful that I didn’t have to deal with nearly as many spam bots. At first the boxes were small and asked merely for a few letters or a short word written out clearly. Now, we have things like this:

What? Not joking, I named that file "areyoukiddingme.jpg" when I saw it. That’s way too long. At least Facebook makes it so they are real words or at least decipherable. On some sites, I can’t even read what they have abstractly written out, forcing me to try three times before I can finally post.

That’s insanity.

If my internet time were a pie chart, it would look like this:



Have the people who are making these even thought about it? Did they just think they could run Sunday’s crossword answers through program and be able to keep everyone happy?

While I was considering my hatred of captcha, I found an interesting article via Google. It’s PG-13, but is totally related and was killing me.
Facebook Takes the Captcha Rap

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