July 28, 2009

A Day At The Beach

Yesterday, I went to Golden Gardens in Seattle, with my Mom, my sister, Jordan, and her friend. On Sunday, when my Mom originally asked me if I wanted to go, I was dead set against it. I’m not a non-pool swimmer and most of the beaches in Washington are disgusting, so I had good reason, but after a visit to the ER that night, I had changed my mind about being home alone all day…and I’m glad.

The beach is located on Puget Sound, making the drive was about 50 minutes, making it further than the beaches at Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, but much closer than Ocean Shores. For someone like me who doesn’t enjoy trips to Seattle very much, I loved driving through the Ballard area.

In approaching the beach there was a nice strip of forest, hiding the city from the shore. There is a small concession stand, volleyball nets and a reception hall. The sand was clean and white and the water actually looked blue…unlike the murky waters at Ocean Shores. It wasn’t as nice as Hawaiian beaches, but it’s the closest I imagine anyone could get in the Northwest.                                                                                             


There was a marina near by so we saw lots of recreational boats as well as the occasional barge. The very light blue peaks, just under the clouds, are the Olympic Mountains out on the peninsula.

My Mom and I had taken books to read while my sister and her friend played in the water but instead, we ended up people watching. Even if a person had been blindfolded and knocked unconscious only to be revived at the beach, they still would have known they were in Seattle by the number of crazy people there were. We saw a guy kicking around and talking to himself (very angrily, I should add) and frequently going entirely into the water with a pair of good basket ball shoes and bobby socks. There was an insane trio of loud, obnoxious boozers, one of which was a woman who apparently still views herself as a cute and bubbly 14 year old girl (even though she was very much not 14, cute, or in any was intelligent). Yet another was a man running laps across the beach in designer jeans, and fancy shoes (we decided, based on this information alone, that he must be German) and last but not least, a three legged dog that enjoyed the water more than I had ever seen any creature enjoy it.


It was a great day, especially after such a bummer of a night. If you live in the area and haven’t been here yet, go check this place out. You’ll love it!    

It has been quite a while since I’ve done a serious blog entry, I know, so that just means that I have a few stories to catch up on in this next little while. I also expect to be putting up pictures of a couple finished projects very soon. *crosses fingers*


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FitToSeeJane said...

Ahhh that was so fun! I'm so glad you came with me. People watching is the best.