August 30, 2009

A Little Jones Never Hurt Nobody

I have so many blog posts to catch up on and a lot to post about, but don’t expect super long posts anytime soon. I just moved into my apartment in Provo and start classes tomorrow.

As many of you know, I like Jones Soda. It’s delicious, it’s pretty and will give you a sugar buzz like nothing else. Last year, I would drink Jones all of the time, putting most of the empty bottles in my window so I could see them whenever I passed by outside. At the end of the year, I had TONS of bottles. I was too sad to get rid of them so I took them all home in a wooden box I had been using as my TV stand. I then had the idea for the following project…

This is the box I got from D.I. It had a weird piece of carpet inside of it, had the names of two girls on the outside, was covered in chipped drab paint and had very ugly hardware.

First, I took off the hinges and handle (with the help of my Dad) and sanded down the paint while filling some of the smaller holes in the wood with putty. I also had a hole drilled in the back to make it easier to store my Dreamcast or other future electronics inside.

Next, I painted the whole box black. I gave it plenty of coats so it would be thick and rich.

After the paint was dry, I Mod-Podged old Jones Soda labels onto the front. For those interested in using Jones Soda labels in a project of your own, I recommend using a box cutter to get them off of the bottle. I’ve tried many things and cutting one slice on either side of the glued edges (the glue is very strong) works the best.

After I was done applying the labels, I Mod-Podged over the top of all of the labels then finished off the entire box with clear spray paint enamel to make it shiny and protect the surfaces, and added lovely new hinges and a modern handle. Here is the final result:


August 22, 2009

My Favorite Breakfast

One disclaimer before you check out what’s below: While I love to work out, I am not a healthy eater. What you are about to see is NOT a healthy breakfast and I advise that young children leave the room.


This is my favorite breakfast:

Mmm…double chocolate toast. A delectable blend of foreign chocolate toppings on a warm, toasted piece of wheat bread. I know what you’re thinking. How did I make something so delicious? It’s a simple equation, really.




What’s better is that I’m one of those people that likes to read the cereal box. Because of Venz, I don’t have to miss out on that experience just because I’m eating toast.

I’m going to miss this while I’m at school. Perhaps I’ll ask for some for my birthday.

August 21, 2009

Wisdom Teeth? Who needs ‘em?

Yesterday afternoon, I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I had planned on either never getting them taken out (because they are just fine) or getting them out later. However, the dentist discovered a painless cavity and suggested that we either get it filled or pulled.

The actual procedure was more or less the best part. I wasn’t put to sleep but had local anesthetic and laughing gas (nitrous oxide). The laughing gas was awful because it felt the same as “coming to” after passing out, which is not only very painful in your hands and feet, but also made me panic. It worked well when I wasn’t hyperventilating and in the end the whole appointment only lasted about half an hour and I got out with no stitches or swelling. 

Sadly, that’s only part one.

Day one on my pain medication was just fine. I felt super tired but didn’t have any pain. Today was a different story, though. I threw up several times trying to eat my high-fat food that would help keep the Vicodin down and ended up losing the fight. Now I’m using ibuprofen and trying to sleep off the remainder of the Vicodin. It’s for the best. I’m much too busy to not be able to do things like drive, take care of myself and concentrate (or best of all, eat).

I’m quite bored and sick of being sick (I started off the week with nausea and puking). It’ll be a nice change of pace in a couple of days when I feel better.

August 14, 2009

Three Musicals for People Who Love America

I was thinking yesterday, while I was driving around listening to my musicals mix CD, that this would be good to post. These will be three musicals that I think are the most relevant right now. They may not be the most patriotic (but go ahead and watch “1776” anyway, because it’s awesome), but they mean the most right now.

1. Evita

This excellent musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber catalogues events in the life of Eva Peron and the transformation that turned Argentina into a socialist nation. Why is this important? Not only is the actual transformation similar to what we are facing today, but the people were blinded by their love for Eva, the a rags to riches, government representative. This is not only like Barrack Obama (who’s image was created only to be worshiped by the public) but also much like the acceptance of regular Hollywood stars acting like they have any reason to be involved in politics.

2. Newsies

Sure this story is about a bunch of children living in poverty who create a union to get enough money to eat, but it’s still an inspiring message. Jack (Christian Bale) is working to earn enough money to move out west and become a cowboy, and all of the boys are hardworking, not asking for extra, just enough to get by. This is relatable because of the idea that the boys don’t want to be reliant on others and it is all about fighting for what you believe in. When the odds are against you, you will be able to find others who believe the same thing as you and work together to change the system (government healthcare, stimulus and rights crunching federal laws).

3. Les Miserables

This is the moving story of revolution in France against an oppressive government. The people wanted more freedom (this is back when the French still valued it) and they wanted it now. They were even willing to go to war for it. The musical is full of stories about different types of people and how they come together throughout life, but the underlying story is one of freedom and that no matter how difficult the fight is, it will be worthwhile.


August 12, 2009

One, Two, Three Strikes You’re Out

Last Friday, I went with my family to a Mariners game. I haven’t been to one in a VERY long time and my youngest sister had never been to one.

The stadium was full until after the 9th inning when we started going into extras. We stayed the whole time though. I was glad too. Not only did I get to eat my hot dog and a huge bag of kettle corn, but we got to see another excellent home run and a win by the Mariners.

We won! w00t!

It made for a long day, but it was tons of fun…even if I didn’t get a Ken Griffey Jr. bobble head. :P

August 8, 2009

What’s cooler than…

…An old Sega game system and Iron Man? An old Sega game system painted to look like Iron Man, of course! I finally finished a project that I started last summer and here is the end product:

Beautiful. These were the best pictures (even though they still have a lot of glare). I used some pretty glossy paint, so the pictures don’t really do its beauty justice. I wish I would have been able to solder the silver around the “arc reactor” a little smoother, but I did the best I could. Just imagine that I made it in a cave, just like Tony Stark.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Dreamcast, I’ll point you to the Wikipedia page here, and post picture of the Dreamcast that I had with me at school this past year, below:

Also beautiful, though less Iron Man-esque.

This was a very fun project and I’m eager to work on more, possibly modifying my Game Boy Color next year. For anyone interested in buying a Dreamcast, I suggest you check out eBay, they go for fairly low prices there. For anyone looking for a good experiment, I recommend Googling painted and modified Dreamcasts. This was my favorite site while I was working on my Dreamcast. It details how to take it apart without breaking it.

If any of you do paint or change your Dreamcast (or any other console) in any way, or have any ideas for my Game Boy Color, let me know.

Until then…

August 6, 2009

I Enjoy Myself the Occasional Collage

I like making art, but actually get anything done pretty rarely. While I enjoy various forms of art, one of my favorites in making collages. Because of my limited magazine consumption, there are very few topics for me to pursue. I’ve decided to post a few old pieces to show you what happens when you pretty much only have Alloy, dELiA*s, American Girl and Discount Dance catalogues at your command…



August 3, 2009

Harry Potter and the Midnight Showing

Yes, this is old news, but I haven’t posted about it yet, so deal.

I loved the new Harry Potter movie! As a diehard fan, I know how some people didn’t like how different it was from the book and while the ending didn’t bother me as much I wish they would have shown more of the suspense of trying to figure out who the Half-Blood Prince is, but I digress. For a long time I have liked the second movie the best and as the movies got weirder (and the special effects got worse) I started to lose interest in them. However, I thought that HPB was amazingly beautiful, had some better acting than the last few, and I was overall pleased. In fact, my least favorite part of the books are the romantic sort of parts and the movie was even able to smooth those over a little bit for me.

North Bend Theatre

I was very excited to be able to see the movie right in North Bend in our one room theatre. I like that after a long, late show I can hop in the car for just a short drive as opposed to a longer one from Issaquah or Bellevue. It’s also fun to see the other kids in town working the theatre and see so many people you know waiting in line. I should also note that it’s cheaper than most theatres. It’s very cute and very fun and I love it.

I’m very excited for the next two movies now. I say two because numero seven is going to be split in half. As annoying as that seems, it’s high time they did that. They’ve missed out of so many details from trying to cram too much into two and a half hours per movie. Maybe someday, when these movies have had a lot of time to age some futuristic version of A&E will make a Harry Potter mini-series that will be able to include more details (just like the 1995 Pride and Prejudice). That would be excellent.

In case you are in the area and want to check out our humble (and cute) theatre, you should. There are lots of fun events and older (or even free) films shown. Here is the website. :D

August 2, 2009

A Visit to the Microsoft

Yesterday, my Dad and I took a couple hours to go to his relatively new building at Microsoft and check out some statues, throw stuff off of the fourth floor and all of the other regular workday stuff. We had tons of fun taking care of each statue, as you will soon see…


Agent 47, from “Hitman,” has just gotten a sweet kill when I walked by, however, he didn’t seem to pleased about me congratulating him.


The guy from “Fallout 3” looked a little grimy, but after a few touches of dish soap here and there, he looked fabulous!


One of the Little Sisters from “BioShock” looked like she could use a pick-me-up. Soon, we all became the best of friends.

After saying my goodbyes and rounding the corner, I saw Kane and Lynch fighting. Kane was totally busting Lynch’s chops and I took it upon myself to try and break up the fight.

I thought I had seen everything when I all of a sudden saw the most awesome guy ever, Sam Fisher, from “Splinter Cell”! I was worried I would blow his cover because of the way he was sneaking around, but I think he just didn’t want to get involved in the fight he had just seen.

After such a busy day, who could want anything more? Answer: We would. We proceeded to drop the parachuted G.I. Joe off of the fourth floor, as well as shoot my Dad’s Vulcan Nerf Gun off of the fourth floor.



Even though it has been extra hot this past week, we thought we would bring the Snuggie just in case. Good thing too…

DSCN1194 DSCN1181 DSCN1202

How cozy.