August 6, 2009

I Enjoy Myself the Occasional Collage

I like making art, but actually get anything done pretty rarely. While I enjoy various forms of art, one of my favorites in making collages. Because of my limited magazine consumption, there are very few topics for me to pursue. I’ve decided to post a few old pieces to show you what happens when you pretty much only have Alloy, dELiA*s, American Girl and Discount Dance catalogues at your command…




ramsam said...

But these are still great!

When you are back around just call when you need more magazines ...I give away a stack to our library recycle table every month!

Hillary said...

Sweet, thanks.

With a magazine you gave me last time I made a very cute CD jacket for a French CD I made for Arianne. I wanted to scan it for this post, but she wasn't home, and I didn't know where it was.