August 14, 2009

Three Musicals for People Who Love America

I was thinking yesterday, while I was driving around listening to my musicals mix CD, that this would be good to post. These will be three musicals that I think are the most relevant right now. They may not be the most patriotic (but go ahead and watch “1776” anyway, because it’s awesome), but they mean the most right now.

1. Evita

This excellent musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber catalogues events in the life of Eva Peron and the transformation that turned Argentina into a socialist nation. Why is this important? Not only is the actual transformation similar to what we are facing today, but the people were blinded by their love for Eva, the a rags to riches, government representative. This is not only like Barrack Obama (who’s image was created only to be worshiped by the public) but also much like the acceptance of regular Hollywood stars acting like they have any reason to be involved in politics.

2. Newsies

Sure this story is about a bunch of children living in poverty who create a union to get enough money to eat, but it’s still an inspiring message. Jack (Christian Bale) is working to earn enough money to move out west and become a cowboy, and all of the boys are hardworking, not asking for extra, just enough to get by. This is relatable because of the idea that the boys don’t want to be reliant on others and it is all about fighting for what you believe in. When the odds are against you, you will be able to find others who believe the same thing as you and work together to change the system (government healthcare, stimulus and rights crunching federal laws).

3. Les Miserables

This is the moving story of revolution in France against an oppressive government. The people wanted more freedom (this is back when the French still valued it) and they wanted it now. They were even willing to go to war for it. The musical is full of stories about different types of people and how they come together throughout life, but the underlying story is one of freedom and that no matter how difficult the fight is, it will be worthwhile.



Nickie Goomba said...

All good choices! Les Mis would probably top my list.

Nice blog!

caitlin said...

Hahahahahahaha. I especially LOVE the picture of Barack, it's totally relevant.

ramsam said...

I love the music from all of these! Such good taste, my young lady!!!!!

Barrack and the donkey creeps me out.