August 2, 2009

A Visit to the Microsoft

Yesterday, my Dad and I took a couple hours to go to his relatively new building at Microsoft and check out some statues, throw stuff off of the fourth floor and all of the other regular workday stuff. We had tons of fun taking care of each statue, as you will soon see…


Agent 47, from “Hitman,” has just gotten a sweet kill when I walked by, however, he didn’t seem to pleased about me congratulating him.


The guy from “Fallout 3” looked a little grimy, but after a few touches of dish soap here and there, he looked fabulous!


One of the Little Sisters from “BioShock” looked like she could use a pick-me-up. Soon, we all became the best of friends.

After saying my goodbyes and rounding the corner, I saw Kane and Lynch fighting. Kane was totally busting Lynch’s chops and I took it upon myself to try and break up the fight.

I thought I had seen everything when I all of a sudden saw the most awesome guy ever, Sam Fisher, from “Splinter Cell”! I was worried I would blow his cover because of the way he was sneaking around, but I think he just didn’t want to get involved in the fight he had just seen.

After such a busy day, who could want anything more? Answer: We would. We proceeded to drop the parachuted G.I. Joe off of the fourth floor, as well as shoot my Dad’s Vulcan Nerf Gun off of the fourth floor.



Even though it has been extra hot this past week, we thought we would bring the Snuggie just in case. Good thing too…

DSCN1194 DSCN1181 DSCN1202

How cozy.


ramsam said...

It all looks fun...but the minute you start dressing up the figures in the Snuggie I am just too jealous to continue.
All this without me.

Nobody called me and said you were doing this!!!!!

FitToSeeJane said...

Awesome post!!!

BTW Ramsam, nobody called me and sayed you were going to be posting stuff today! lol

Organic Meatbag said...

oh wow, don't you know that you're never supposed to tease a Little Sister? the way, I'm jealous of you...that place looks awesome!