October 5, 2009

Happy One Year Noniversary!

After a restless night and a rough weekend, I was excited to wake up and see this reminder on my white board.

No, not one of the many TV listings (channel 5 at 7 pm) but October 5! To anyone else, it was probably just a normal day, but to me it was much more. October 5th is my noniversary…and this is my first one. It’s easy to remember because it’s always around the same time as LDS General Conference!

What is a noniversary, you ask? Well, it’s when a lady like me has been single for a whole year. No boyfriends, no dates, nothing. Such an occasion is often overlooked by young ladies at BYU, let alone celebrated.

It started out with getting dressed.


I bet you’re wondering the same thing I did…black leotard or normal clothes? It was a challenging decision, but in the end, I decided to pass on the leotard and go for a cozy sweatshirt and jeans that had bleach stains on them. After all, what real single lady wears a black leotard?

The next decision: what would my theme song be fore the day? I could have gone with something like “Single Ladies” or “Hot N’ Cold” but in the end “Knock ‘Em Out” by Lily Allen was the winner.

So, I went to some classes, but then, as soon as I had a break, I let myself really start to party. I went down to 7-11 and got myself a…



It was the best treat I could have imagined for such a special occasion! I got my favorite mix of piƱa colada and banana along with some special berry Domo flavor. I can still taste the excellence!

After another class, I rushed home to eat a delicious BBQ chicken and provolone sandwich that I had gotten at the Twilight student store. Because I had been watching a BYU game on Friday, I had missed “Dollhouse.” Thanks to some Hulu, I was able to watch it while I ate my sandwich and drank a tall glass of chocolate milk. Mmmm…

To make my day even better, I got a letter from my buddy Gary who is serving a mission for the LDS church in Texas. Sure, I can barely read his handwriting, but letters are always the best.

To finish off the day, I kept a strong societal tradition.

I lit something on fire, stuck it in a pastry, and blew it out.

Who could ask for a better day?

Well, until next year, stay single…maybe. I guess that may be a little presumptuous.


lollydaggle said...

I'm going downstairs to see if I have a letter from you or Gary... I sent you guys stuff about a week ago... So I'm hoping it was received!

And Happy Noniversary! It is such an accomplishment!

Hillary said...

Thanks! ^_^

I got your letter and sent one off right away, but I'm not sure that it would be there yet (but maybe tomorrow or Wednesday).

Lynnae said...

That was great!