October 15, 2009

The Land Down Under

A few weeks ago, a young lady, who was my neighbor while I was living in the dorms on campus, tagged me and my old roommate in this picture.

This is my old dorm’s door. Good ol’ 15A. What you are seeing (or what you would be seeing if I didn’t blur it out) are the names of the people living there now. Like the neighboring dorm last year (F. Smith), Wells has decided on a United Nations sort of theme…and 15A is Australia.

Don’t quite get the significance? That’s okay.

Last year in my ward, there was a guy who never really fit in. He was from Australia. Over the course of the year, he hit on nearly every girl in our ward, coming out entirely empty handed. Did that deter him? No. He continued his attempt to simultaneously court every single girl in our ward at the same time. Others who weren’t in our ward might have said, “Oh, how flattering!” …But not us. It is hard, after all, to take someone seriously when they like every girl they see. Of course, I think he had a special place in his heart for Caitlin, my roommate, because he would come over at about the same time every day, and even wait in the lobby if she “wasn’t home.”

As if Australia doesn’t get enough bad press as it is…

I just can’t take Australia seriously anymore.

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