October 26, 2009

Life in the Sidebar

Anyone who is a member of FaceBook will understand how I feel about this topic. No this isn’t going to be a rant about the ever changing news feed, this is about the advertisements that appear on the right hand side of the page. Let’s start out with one of my favorites.


This is a bit of a old one, as far as internet ads go. I’m guessing that they are holding the guy that’s supposed to be constipated…but that elderly man in front looks awful suspicious.

Here we have the ad for a classic MySpace game turned FaceBook app. I think it speaks for itself. Luckily, I left my old life of crime for one on the farm.

I’m pretty sure this one is the worst. I’ve seen a lot of girls in my classes who get this one too. It’s just plain creepy. Look at that guy…his beard…his baldness. Ach!

And just knowing that there are so many more. I respect FaceBook for wanting to make money, but come on. Can’t we have a little class?

To end, I have one set of ads that will appeal to anyone.


How ironic.


Kristina P. said...

That breast augmentation one is everywhere!

caitlin said...

It's weird that Facebook thinks I need a boob job, a wedding dress, and an OBGYN.