October 11, 2009

Slightly Blasphemous, Infinitely Entertaining

I doubt that I’ve ever really made this clear, but I absolutely hate going on dates. I don’t get asked on many, but when I do I usually turn them down. This may seem rude, but I like the fact that the best date I’ve ever been on was with a quiet-talker that I felt bad about saying no to. If I were to ever go on a date that was…say…enjoyable, I might become more optimistic and that would destroy my entire personality. At any rate, never are there too many guys hurt by this because usually they can catch on that I would rather sit alone and watch “America’s Most Wanted” than play Ultimate Frisbee or go on a video scavenger hunt.

That being said, there are times that I do like people and wish they would ask me on a date, but I cannot risk letting my guard down in case the wrong person thinks to ask me. Lately, I’ve been thinking up ways to tell guys like this (or just one in particular) that I care. It’s a good thing I’ve spent all my life hating on dating, cause now I can only think up nerdy and way awkward things to do.

After weeks of thinking about what to do, I finally hit on something while I was on the phone with my sister.

This is an LDS pass along card. As you can see, the couple on the front is in love. Maybe they are married, or maybe they are just in the middle of taking a cheesy engagement picture.

I decided that this could be used not just as an invitation to learn more about families in the Church, in case your person of interest is not LDS, but as an invitation to learn more about you.

Perfect! Now all you have to do is actually give it to the guy! Sadly, as funny as I think this idea is (and as much as it would kill me if someone gave me a card like this)  your typical BYU student would either think it was creepy (which is understandable if they don’t have a sense of humor) or serious…in which case you better not answer you phone for a few days.

This isn’t quirky enough for you? Want to creep your wannabe boyfriend out even more? Try personalizing the front of the card…

Okay, now that might be a little too creepy…you may want to save that one for a DTR.


Miss Tiff said...

you are so funny. I think that just might work anyhow.

Lynnae said...

Ha ha ha ha. Oh, man......Your killing me.

Richardson said...

That is too funny! I hated dating too. I always came up with lame excuses why I couldn't go out with someone. Like, "oh, I'm not sure what my work schedule is like this week. I'll have to get back to you on that." Then of course avoiding that person at all cost.

Vicki said...

It's so great to see the awesomeness in the Young Women I used to work with! This was hilarious and actually quite true!. I am going to send a link to Tori - I think she would find this very humorous.

Hillary said...

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like this idea too. ;D

@ Richardson
Seriously. I've gotten into a pretty bad habit of never answering the door or the phone because of this.