November 1, 2009

All Hallows' Eve

For Halloween this year, I decided to make my own costume. I started thinking of the idea a few months ago, but only started working on it last weekend. What was my costume idea? Lady Gaga, of course. I say of course because she was easily the most popular costume for girls, this year.

Here is how it tuned out:

Originally, I was only going to wear the leggings as I was driving, but when I stepped outside and realized how cold it was, I knew I wouldn’t be taking them off. But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. Shall we talk about how I made my duct tape skirt? Or how about you watch it instead?

The main thing I would like to point out is that the Gorilla tape I used smells awful! Don’t sleep with it in your room, whatever you do.

This video makes me wish I had recorded the making of my Jones Soda Box or my Iron Man Dreamcast, as I had originally planned. The thing is, those projects actually took time and presented many challenges. So as cool as my duct tape skirt is, and as much as some bizarre, Lady Gaga obsessed Youtube users seem to like this video, it is easily my least favorite project. Plus what am I supposed to do with it now? I plan on maybe keeping it in my trunk (I have 0 storage space) until Purim, which is the next time I’d need a costume.


...Seyma... said...

oh, you look amazing!!

Kristina P. said...

This is SOOOO funny! I literally just finished typing up my post for tomorrow, because I too was Lady Gaga! You look great! I think we had the same wig.

I chose to go for a slightly different costume, however.

I do admit, I really like her songs. I also like American Boy. So there.

Hillary said...

Thanks Seyma.

I can't wait to see your costume post tomorrow, Kristina. Last night at a dance I went to, there was a guy dressed in an animal print Snuggie, and it reminded me of you.

ramsam said...

I wish I could see Kristina and you both dressed up and dancing in your costumes.

Katelynn showed me some of the sweet moves the guys were doing around you.....were they really as funny as she made it all look?

You looked great!

Hillary said...

They were really funny. I have a blog about the dance coming up this week, but there is no way I'd be able to describe some of those moves.

Lynnae said...

Great post! I linked.
You looked darling!

Holly Elizabeth said...

Hello there Hillary!

My name is Holly and I came across your YouTube videos while on the prowl for some of GaGa's latest videos. Anyway, I am not her biggest fan either... some of her videos are sort of disturbing but that's just my opinion... Ok the point of me commenting is basically to say that you are so creative!!! That was an awesome costume. With your permission, would it be ok if I sent a link to my high school Fashion teacher? I think she would love to see it since she always went on about unique ways that fashion presents itself. Well done Hillary, well done! I applaud you!

Hillary said...

Thanks, Holly!
And you certainly can send the link to your hs teacher.
Thanks for dropping by.

Meagan said...

I love this so much! I'm going to a GaGa concert soon, and my friend and I were planning on making costumes. I'll have to show her this. Also, i realise this blog post is old, but her live singing is AMAZING. go check out any live rendition of "speechless" and you may second guess yourself.