November 3, 2009

Pirate Dances

As you are all well aware, Saturday was Halloween. I had spent a couple weeks working on my costume and at 5 pm I still had absolutely nothing to do. So I got my costume on, and my makeup done and headed out to my Grandparents’ house to see if there was anything going on.

When I got there, they were just finishing up dinner, so I showed them my costume, and then we went out to see my uncle’s in-law’s house. They really go all out. They decorate with a bunch of spooky robotics and control them as they watch people go through the back yard. We then went over to my Aunt Melanie’s house (where I was able to trick one of my cousins who didn’t recognize me into giving me some candy). We went over to the Jones’ haunted house again, and then my cousin, who had been feeling sick and had nothing to do, suggested that we go to a dance. Once we got back to her house, she put on a costume and we went out.

Our overall plan was to go to the dance at Pirate Island, in Orem. Just to make sure we wound up at a dance, however, we stopped at a new dancing place in Spanish Fork that was closed, and by my apartment for directions to The Loft, just in case.

We arrived, paid, and went inside. The room we were in wasn’t very big, but it worked for the amount of people. It still smelled like food (it is a restaurant, after all), and there were not as many people as you would think (or maybe there were, I guess depends on the person). Any way, we started dancing and soon realized that we were pretty much the only normal people in there. There seemed to be a lot of raunchy younger girls who made it past the door (where they were not checking IDs), plenty of Roman soldiers, and several older married couples. I should also mention that there were some dads there keeping an eye on their kids (even though it had to be the most non-threatening environment I’ve ever been in). You could tell they weren’t just creepers by how embarrassed their kids were when they would talk to them. Awkward…

At one point, this boy came over and started dancing with us, which was cracking us up, at his expense. He pretty much left for good after he asked us if we went to school, and then asked me if I go to high school. Poor kid didn’t know what hit him.

There were two couples that were using the opportunity to practice their ballroom dancing skills. This was pretty impressive, especially since I’ve never seen anyone do actual salsa dancing to Shakira, or an waltz to rap music.

Perhaps my favorite was the guy dressed as Pinocchio. He was a kind of floofy, flamboyant version, with a frilly shirt and a glittery scarf on his head. When he took of his nose because it was bothering him, I overheard him say to his friend, “Well, now I just look like a pervert.” I thought that was hilarious.

In short, no matter how weird it was, it was still lots of fun. I got to do some people watching and hang out with my cousin. Plus, the food and soda was included in the price. Can you say, endless breadsticks? Also, I think I’ll have to go there sometime to eat. I’ve heard some of the food is really good, and my roommate said it was like a Rainforest Cafe with Pirates. So I’m game.


Lynnae said...

Anywhere you go dancing in Provo there will be at least one couple practicing their ballroom dancing skills.
It's a law I think.
Whats funny is if another couple comes in. Then they sort of size each other up and show off until the beta couple scurries away.

ramsam said...

Okay, your post is so hilarious, because I really can just picture everything you described as if it all happens every day in Happy Valley. I am thinking if you need a big crowd and variety of people, we need to get you up the big ol SLC.
But then, you wouldn't have as much fun people watching, would you?