December 3, 2009

A Major Award

So this post has taken me a long time to get to because I’ve been busy and not at the top of my game.

A few months ago I entered a drawing on one of my favorite blogs, So About What I Said, and I WON!

I was so excited to get the package. Everything was wrapped up so cutely!

But I know what you are wondering…what did you win? I won…

No…not dark circles under my eyes…bows! They are really cute, and handmade by Olivia Reyes.

The package included two smaller bows (as seen on my head), one big bow (which I couldn’t take a picture of on myself, sadly), all of which I was expecting, as well as…

Three matching scrunches! I wanted to take a picture of them on myself as well, but had the same problem as the large bow, in that I would need a little help with that.

So sorry about the crummy pictures. They don’t do the prize justice. However, Olivia has much better pictures of the things she makes, in her etsy shop. Make sure you check it out!

Also be sure to check out Melissa Blake’s blog!


Kristina P. said...

YOu look so cute!

Jon said...


Lynnae said...

Those are so cute. You look great, too.