December 22, 2009


I found this video from Mormons Made Simple a few weeks ago:

I thought it was very cute.

Right now, most of the boys I met at school last year and a few others that I know, are preparing to serve or severing missions. My cousin, Thomas, is in Paraguay, along with many of the guys from my on campus ward last year. My good pal, Gary, is in Texas and my friend Matt is serving in Utah for a little while before he heads out to Belgium. They are all doing well and enjoying their time in the Lord’s service (all while staying very busy). I won’t see or talk to any of them on the phone until 2011, and I miss them, but know that they are all doing the right thing.


Kristina P. said...

I remember that time when all the boys leave. That's when you start talking to all the older RMs! :)

Jon said...

Yeah...cuz guys with hair...totally overrated!

ramsam said...

And watch out when they all get home, ready for cute smart and sassy college girls to be a wife!